Talking to anyone in Schenectady or Albany–from over 30 years ago!

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I enjoyed my very few years in Schenectady, very much! I owned the Roadhouse at 1925 Curry Road with Paul Di Cocco Sr. for only 2 (TWO) years but had a good time and made a few bucks! Paul received 15% of the club and always looked after me, if I needed him! I sold the club to Doc Perriman and his MOD Company and they paid me cash, $30,000.00, which is all the club was worth in the end in 1974! I opened in 1972! I made most of my money in the hi-jacking business from here to Canada and used both Paul and Nick Robolotto for help in that by using the Teamsters! We all did very well! I All my night clubs were registered with the New York State Liquor Authority, and that is that! I never made many friends in Schenectady because I spent so little time there! I did do a lot of Gambling there with Chal DeLorenzo whio is now deceased as is Paul and Bocci Cassidi. I also bet Dom Semeno (Dom The Tailer) and Joey Mace, who was a good guy! I never use to bet Jake Di Cocco because Paul and I made money together thus I could not beat Jake! He would always laugh at that and say, “I got your number Mike” “You can’t beat me”! I would laugh! Both Paul and I belonged to the Meyer Lansky Group, as did my father as their Supreme Court fixer! So to the looser named Art who claims to know me for 40 plus years, I do not know any person named Art except for a person I met in Troy in 2008, and Art DuPont the Drug dealer who use to plow my snow at the Road House in 1972/3. I barely knew Art at All! If the person who writes comments is Art DuPont, Let me straighten you out! My father ran the New York State Supreme Court for Rockefeller, as his bag man! My father also controlled all the NYS Supreme Court Stenographers and Clerks from 1953 to 1978. He was also on Meyer’s payroll from 1948 when he was the N C S fixer in the Labor Dept. No one screwed with me or my father and to set you straight, Paul was dependent on my Dad to always make his investigations go away! My father also protected Nick in the Teamsters and Kept him out of jail! When the Feds got a hold of Mike Robolotto. it was too late for my Dad to step in because they had Mike for Bank Fraud! The Us Attorney was not to be reached and Mike did not cooperate! I do not know any other Art in my life and to this one who commented in 2015, I had 12 different Liquor licenses including 2 Multi Million Dollar Clubs! Both Paul and I were involved with the Canadian Operations, with Paul being Carmine Galante’s under boss in the late 50’s and 60’s for the French Connection! I ran a few numbers for them but only as a watch dog with my gun! I made a few million, which I pissed away! Except for a very few Book Maker’s in Schenectady, I did not know any one else! I enjoyed betting in Schenectady because I found the local book’s very honest! I made a few million on 43 Fuller Road, in Colonie, under the names of “The Beach House” “The Disco 78″ and The Frat House 2! It was owned and registered to The Lennoxville Corp at the Liquor Authority! I lost $750,000.00 in Saratoga, New York at the Pyramid Mall in a 8000 sq foot restaurant. There is no body in Schenectady who could afford to loose 3/4’s of a Million in Cash and walk away to another 4 licenses and his dope deals and theft! To all those in Schenectady, and the region, I was caught on narcotic importation in 1987 and for criminal income tax evasion of 10 million! My father cut me a deal and I became a C I D Informant on the east coast! They screwed me out of millions in commissions and that will be coming out in an up coming News Article! I always protected Paul and his family from the feds, even after he died! I also never testified on any of m,y friends in the Lansky Group! If one or more of you who knew me when I was 24 years old and starting out in Rotterdam, get a life! I am now 70 years old going on 71 and fighting prostate Cancer! I made big money around the nation and became an N C S member in 1973! We do not discuss my business with Tavern bums or drunks! When the Feds got me I never told Paul because it would have broken his heart! He was never bothered by the Treasury and neither was Jake or the Kids! The only guy I had a Treasury Contract on in Schenectady was Frank De Lorenzo Jr and Chal. They had a great ride because the C I D was going to keep screwing me by not doing my contracts so I set up the Government in a big story in the Troy Record and named Frankie as the biggest Book Maker in Schenectady! They went after him around 02 ish and he cut a deal for 1.55 million in tax evasion! That deal is not over and in an up coming national story, which apparently this Art person does not understand, I will show Frankie how to get his money back plus 5 million more! I was not paid my 1/2 million on Frank and lost my summer home in Otsego and all my property in Cobleskill to the bank, thus I am testifying on the IRS in D.C. as I speak in this Word Press on 6/16/18, today!– I have been in the Toronto Star for contract assassinations in 2008, and this Art person must be illiterate. I am only doing this old blog, which I have not touched in a decade, because I am testifying in Washington, D.C. in an Addendum. I already testified on April 12th, 2018 and have all my receipts of Testimony. I will not be using this old blog any more but will keep it up! I will be using a new Word Press News Blog and releasing in Westchester County and Long Island where I can take it national! To all those in Schenectady, who thought and or pretend to have known Paul Di Cocco Sr., I will tell you bluntly, He did not confide in anyone except his wife and his brother Jake! He did defend me in Florida in January/February of 1982 when my life was being looked at by the commission! Ask Paul Jr., because he was there when Paul spoke on my behalf. He and I belonged to the same group that Meyer had started! As a Syndicate full member, he was also allowed to be Carmine’s acting Under Boss in Canada! All you people like to talk in Schenectady but do not and never did know Paul Di Cocco, you just say you did! My father looked after Paul in the Supreme Court and looked after many people, for a price. Never for free! When Bocci went to jail in 1986, it was because he would not pay the bribe money that my father demanded! Bocci asked me to ask my father for help and I did! My father told me to tell Bocci it was $250,000.00 in small bills! My father was going to keep $75,000.00 for himself, and give me $75000.00, plus give Judge Joe, (hanging Joe) Harris, $75,000.00. The remaining $25,000.00 would go to the Albany County Democratic Party! Bocci said he would only pay $50,000.00, thus his 5 year sentence, for mickey mouse book making is now explained! My father was the fixer and if he gave you a figure, you pay it or you were on your own! So to anyone who would comment on my 45 years after the Road House in Rotterdam, N.Y. in 1972-4, I do not know any of you except for my deal friend of my youth, Dr. John Palino, the former Superintendent of Rotterdam Schools! He was and is my very deal friend from our 1960’s days at the original Frat House, which I bought for a total of $250,000.00 in 1976! I was in John and Sandy’s Wedding and thought the World of them both! Time fly’s and I am proceeding to the Federal Grand Jury and The Justice Department for my own interest and the nations interest! I do not know almost no one in Schenectady and I will break your hearts a little more! You never had an official Mafia in Schenectady, ever! All the Bookie’s were independent and used lay off’s, which is proper business but known were in excet for Paul as a Bononno with Galante, and Me with the Lansky Group, to which my father was the Supreme Court Fixer for over 30 years! My father could send anyone to jail, if he chose to, no body else except Dan O’Connell could say that, including Paul! Paul respected my father for protecting him and looked after me in my early years because it pleased my Dad! Paul Di Cocco Sr. was my minor partner owning 15% in The Road House in Rotterdam, N.Y. (registered S L A) The Building at 43 Fuller Road, registered to the New York Industrial Properties LTD. (registered SW L A) The Caberet Supper Club, 916 State Street, Schenectady, N.Y. registered to (J M Craft inc.), and The Tavern On The Mall, Pyramid Mall, Route 50, Saratoga, N.Y., Town of Wilton, N.Y., registered to (M.Craft, Rt. 50. Saratoga, N.Y.) at the State Liquor Authority! To all those persons in Schenectady and Colonie from my youth, I do not know you and did not even know the names of most of my employee’s! I do not know you all but do not blame you for not knowing me! Just because I spoke to any of you at my bars or night clubs, does not mean I knew you. I only associated with a few cop’s who were on my pay roll, my attorney’s, Angelo Oropallo, my old friend, and I spoke to my bookie’s! None of you knew I ran the hi-jacking thru Vermont and on the Border or that I was constantly being asked about serious crimes as a consultant! My life, as Paul Di Cocco’s like was our secret but ask his son’s and they will say that Paul and Mary Ellen called me their 4th Son! The upstate people were not my business because in the rackets we do not talk to the civilians! Again, I do not know any of you. I will leave you with a small joke that Paul said one day when I was the owner of 1/3 of Dan Ertel’s Restaurant on Route 155 in Colonie, and I quote about my troubles with Mike Falcone of the Pyramid Group, and I quote” Michael, Please do not kill Falcone until he pays me the 250 large he owes me on the paving at Cross Gates Mall”! I just laughed and said, Don’t worry Paul. I hadn’t thought about killing such an insignificant person as Falcone” We both just laughed! See You aqll in the national press! Craft!


The Congress Of The United States Does Not Understand Health Care!

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The Congress of the United States is  full of nothing but inadiquate people. To say that thios or any congress is representative of its electorate is foolish! First of all most of this congress was poor until elected. Take Ms. Nancy Pelosi, for instance. She and her husband were relatively upper middle class when she was elected. They were worth about 1.5 million including their home. He had made some realestate deals after she was elected. Now the two of them are worth 100 million dollars because her husband has been selling her congressional seat. Yes, the Democrats do it the same as the Republicans. Some Americans have been using the civil service Mafia for years. Here is how it works. Please remember that I was a former member of an organized crime family, “The Lansky Group, and The NCS”, and actually know the entire mark up of a strong congressional seat. My partner owned Sam Stratten for 30 years by matching his salary. My partner was Paul A. DiCocco. As you already know, my name is bigmikecraft!. Since Ms Pelosi’s area is in the Wine Area of California, she has made a few calls to different agencies to push along certain agenda’s. In turn, her campaign coffers are never empty and her husband purchased, through option, certain land that would benefit from either her legislation or her calls to government offices. In civil service land, this is called the beltway. In the legal world it is called RICO, Knowledge Enterprise, 18usc1955 #228. For you regular folks, that is racketeering, and in aide off said crime or enterprise, with full knowledge. It is punishable at a minimum of 10 years per count. If we had an elected Attorney General, most elected in Congress would face prison. This entire former explanation leads up to Health Care and the way congress is going to continue to help insurance companies thrive and the Health Care Industry Thrive, at the expense of the private citizen. I will tell you that national free health care is everyones right. The civil servants get health care, paid for by the private citizen. When World War 2 expired, we did not care about health care because it was almost free. Government Employees got it the same as the private citizen, paid for! In the 1970’s, health care moved to about $75.00 per month, and people started to ask questions. Corporations, through their lobby stronghold got a nerd from Delaware named Senator Roth to sponsor many legislative agenda’s to make both Healtgh Care and Manditory Retirements now up to the Corporations discretion! Yes it was all passed in 5 years, with the stupid citizen thinking it was a new kind of retirement and benefits. It was not. The new laws gave the individual corporations the right to drop all coverage to its employees and only OFFER the coverage. Also the individual corporations retained the holding and management rights to qall employee contributions. For 15 years these private employees thought that they were just making premium payments toward their retirement. They all (the entire nation) was too stupid or ignorant to know that what they put in was all they werte gettin back, maybe. Some good corporations matched the IRA but most did not. When you worked for a company for 40 years, the worker thought he/she was to retire at half pay. This was the dream that the Corporate boards took away. If a worker put in $2000.00 year for 30 years they would have only $60,000.00 times one and one half with interest. That would be $150,000.00. Some stupiod people did not understand that this was it. Some Corporations would match it, some would not. Some worthless crap companies like IBM, used the employees funds to prop up their stock, putting most of the workers money into stock but not selling on the up side. When IBM started this crap pension system, their stock was worth $65.00 per share. IBM stock topped out at $201.00 per share, interday, in about 2003. This worthless Corporation did not sell one share to prop up it’s employees investment. They said that they could manage the fund any way they wanted. The stock went back to $59.00 interday in 2007-08. What I am trying to tell you is that the citizen is getting screwed again. The senior citizen will watch his/her monthly payment double in 10 years. It was originally free. The Congress passed a law that the monthly payment could be taken right out before the check arrived, plus the congress and George Bush even took the small balance of 250 billion dollars to fund Iraq. The retiree is being asked to fund the Insurance Companies now! There is going to be No National Health Care at all. those poor people who can not afford health care are being told that you must either be poor for Medicad or pay premiums to an Insurance Company, or premiums to a governmental payment insurance guarantee fund! The scam from Nancy Pelosi is that everyone will be insured. The Patients Bill Of Rights in New York State says that I must be taken care of, at any hospital emergency room, whether I can pay a bill or not. That is the Law. The Doctors have forgotten their Hypocratic Oath, and are refusing to treat Medicare patients and medicad patients because they do not get as much money in fees. These doctors are acting in a criminal way and if it is a Firm, the doctors firm is guilty of violating the RICO statuits and violation of civil rights. Where are the prosecutors. It should not have to take Meyer Lansky’sw Last Hit Man to tell you all this. Where is the citizens elected persons or the appointed law. I will tell you. They asre all getting Free Health Care paid for by the taxpayer and Free Pentions. NEXT, “The Big Health Score”   

This is a Three-Fore Health Care Blog!

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This blog shall be very to the point! The Taxpayers ,who are not Federal Workers, are paying for the entire Federal Employee Health Care Plan. This is unconstitutional and very illegal. The public has allowed this illegal situation, in Federal Pensions that are guaranteed, and Health Care, that is paid for and guaranteed, for too long. The elected employees of the people are also benefiting from this illegal, & unconstitutional situation. The guaranteed payment of pensions, and health care ,constitutes a violation of equal protection. The constitution also forbids congress to make no laws that violate the constitution or set up a special catagory of citizen. The Game is over. As soon as I get the extra money to defend the motion, in Federal Court, in the Northern Judicial District, I shall file. There are no special federal work or contract stipulations in federal employment that is legal. It is only because I did not see it before I went broke! The law must be administered by the courts. The Both Houses of the Congress must obey the law. They also may not vote themselves any pensions or salary increases as has been going on illegally. The Federal Courts have no jurisdiction until a lawsuit (all cases are essentially lawsuits) is filed. When I file these multiple legal briefs, it will only cost $150.00 to file but 1 (one) million dollars to defend the motions to dismiss. Most of you all do not understand the court system. I will explain it to you from a professional point of view. Incidently, even though both my father and I, later, worked for the National Crime Syndicate under Meyer Lansky, My father was in the New York State Supreme Court and I clerked and proof read for him for 5 years as a teen thru college, and also have been in over 95 court appearances, hearings, and trials He paid me well with a new car and $100 per week in the 60’s. I know the law, so you all just read, and learn! When you file any Federal or State Court action, you are essentially filing your version of the situation. The clerks of the court go through the filing and charge you a fee. Then, if it is not a strict constitutional question about a law, you must have the court filing served upon the opposing party yourself. The court does not do this, the court allows you a specific amount of time to serve your papers and the opposing side will have a certain amount of time to oppose the filing. The opposition in this case will be one or more agencies of Government. In my future case, I had better have all my ducks and money in a row. The opposing agencies, which will represent all federal employees in theory, will send their free in house councils (who are also perk loving federal employees) plus their unions will send their own attorny’s against me. Now they can not win a legal constitutional question unless I am ill prepared by money and attorney power! Since all citizens, through their taxes pay for the entire government, all the perks of Governmental employment, must be shared, with all citizens. I will tell you all why the congress voted and will vote against any modern social medicine system, the answer is the 65 billion dollar fee the US Government is paying Blue Cross/shield to insure 5 (Five) Million Governmental dependants. That figure is not exact but represents $13000.00 per unit and I am not confronting the Military Medicine, which is included in the defense budget. The actual figure is higher, but I can not penetrate the true budgets. I do not want to hear any more usless protests or excebitions. All of you grow up. The people at these Town Meetings acted like Ten year olds. The answer to all citizens rights is in Court. Protesting to some poor former governmental employee or lawyer who has run for office, is stupid. Most of these people were poor before entering politics. For Petes sake, Nancy Pelosi and her husband have increased their personal wealth 20 fold, while she trades favors in congress. I have never lost a physical or legal battle, if I was funded, in my life. As soon as I get the money to defend an agencies motion to dismiss, we (me) will go to court to defend you citizens. You can reach me at  

The Health Care Issue is still full of Holes

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Mr. President: Welcome to Troy N.Y. and Hudson Valley C.C., I hope your 5 minute stay is not too taxing. The issue of Health care is not going away until you, as a Harvard Lawyer and the first Lady enforce the Constitution as to rights in America. Paid for health plans have always been illegal for government workers. The ACLU should have gone to court long ago. I don’t want to hear about pay packages because unless all the citizens received something that it’s employees received it is illegal. The tax payer shall be represented by me, bigmikecraft, and that is it. You and the congress are shipping out 810 billion in premiums for the 4.5 million federal employees, to blue cross/shield, you insurance company for the Stars of the Nation, our pampered taxpayer funder employees. This violates my constitutional rights as the federal employees employer. All our elected and appointed employees (representatives) must start paying immediately by law. The congress may not have constitutionally what the citizen does not have! This includes all state and municiple employees and school teachers also. Unless you file a brief immediately to discontinue this illegal situation, I will file in the Northern Judicial District, a district that already harbors a corrupt FBI and an incompetent IRS. Incidently, I am your personal contracted agent under 26 usc 7802! It appears on all my contracts that your and every Presidents IRS has signed with me. I would like a hard copy release also. To get back to Health Care, You can not have national health care until every citizen gets exactly what its congress, senate and all governmental agencies employees get! Mr. Obama, I advertised in Martha’s Vinyard for this Blog so I hope you are marking it down as you drive past me. There will be changes soon because I will file on behalf of the citizen/taxpayers. Remember the legal facts that you were suppose to know, “Let Congress make no laws that will establish rights for one over that of another” ( that is close, I do not have a copy of the constitution with me). You are either going to go to court and remove all Federal Health Care Policies for it’s Employees or I am. I also realize that I will have to have legal help, so just understand that I will choose my motion language well and will not go alone or pro se! Every union in the Government will bitch and scream, but you, your wife, and every lawyer in the nation knows that any unconstitutional situation in any employment contract or hiring, negates the job contract. I am not going to get on to other issues now. The Federal Government is costing the private american citizen 3 to 4 trillion per year. These insurance companies are bankrupting the nation. Have you studied the basic principles of Justice for All. Your wife has no business saying a word either. How dare a former $500,000.00 per year hospital administrator take any side but real national medical care. The fact that I actually like you both is irrelivant to the Law. You are this nations chief executive, now do your duty. I will update this blog from week to week. As a governmental confidential informant, with the nations only anti-terror contract (uncompleted by the Treasury), I hyave my hands full just representing your office for a quarter of a century. Also as a former member of both the Lansky Group (Meyer) and the national NCS, I do know my way around! Talk to you soon, sincerely bigmikecraft

The actual Facts on National Health Care and Nothing Else

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I will write today, the actual facts on National Health Care (socialized medicine) and will interject no Political humor or criminal facts. My name is Mike Craft Sr. and I had the privaledge of living in two countries until I was 14. I went to school in New York State and because my father was the Supreme Court bagman, we lived in Quebec, Canada from weekends in April and May to all of June, July, and August, either on my uncles farm or at a beautiful 4 bedroom log home on Lake Massawippi, (near Sherbrooke, Quebec) We belonged to the local country club in both countries, and I played golf and boated all summer. If my father had a Special session, he would race back across the border to Albany, N.Y. and leave my mother and I in Canada. We had money and my mother was born just outside Massawippi, in Waterville, Quebec! Now I had hay fever and asthsma. I was always at the doctors. In Canada, my doctor was Dr. Clink. He also helped my father keep his fingers, after a bad accident. Socialized medicine only controled the final price, not the care. You can see any doctor you wish and if a specialist is needed it will cost you $10.00 extra. Your operations will be scheduled at the same rate as in the American For Profit Insurance Programs. If you have any emergencies, as in any emergency operation, you will be operated on immediately! All perscriptions are government controlled and cost almost nothing, because the Drug Companies must abide by wage and price controls. The quality of care is the same as in the United States. The problem Canada has, is immigration. It has swelled the benefit population. We have the same problem here, and that is not a political comment. It a mathmatical one! I was at the Hudson Valley Community College the other day, (a truly great institution) and was talking to one of the Librarians. She told me she paid $950.00 per month for her family plan. That would mean that a single would be about $700.00. These are relatively inexpensive policies by national standards. They are in a group which is a Co-Op style group. The independant citizen, who is in private employment would pay about $1050.00 for a single in the Albany Area and $1550 for a family plan. Now since the recorderd anual income aggragate in the Albany area is $39,900, with the Municipal Employee’s aggragate income at $54,000 per year, where does anyone in the private sector, on hourly wages, or factory workers on hourly wages get the $15000.00 per year to pay. The problem now is that the civil servant, for the most part ,is getting almost free medical coverage. You, Mr. President and the entire Federal Work Force are with Blue Cross/ Shield. Your premiums are paid by the general budget and the price on all 5 million of you, plus the other 25 million state, local, and county workers, in this nation ,is why the insurance giants can screw the general public. The pay scales in Government include medical and free retirement, although all the corporations lobbied congress to sell that BS 401 and IRA/Roth crap! The private corporations moved out of the States to China and Mexico anyway. They did not want to pay their profits into pension plans. Congress voted for this and the dumb public is just finding out that most companies won’t evev match the 401! It is simply a savings account for the poor. The guaranteed pensions and guaranteed medical plans in government are unconstitutional! I can go to court tomorow, if I had the money and legal staff. But I don’t. Do you think that the any congress people should get a retirement. They got paid and ran on there own, while begging for money. They are trying to sell this Democratic Program now, when it should be for all citizens including civil servants and teachers. The entire nation should be constitutionally protected by the same program! For the general public to not have the same coverage as the people they pay, is constitutionally illegal! I will go to court if I can swing the money! I will also say that Medicad is in place, use it and stop trying to reinvent the wheel. This nation throws away so much money on crap, it should finally mature. It is your job to mature the public! It is your job to mature congress and it is your job to make sure the constitution is intact. I will quote from The Independence Today newspaper’s June issue in Watervilet, N.Y., an article by Mike Ervin. “The long line of ADAPT marchers slithered toward the White House. Every one took position, along the front fence, facing the White House main entrance, across from Lafayatte Park. It was the first day of ADAPT’s forst national action against the Obama Administration.” This means that a group of crippled and handicapped people came to the White House and the following White Housr Staffers blew them off. Mr Henry Claypool director of the Office of Disability of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, (big title for a bad job) He once was on welfare and now was going to blow off people in need! Also in attendance were Nancy Ann Min DeParle, director of the White House office of Health Reform and Jeff Crowley, director of National Aids Policy and the Presidents policy advisor. These two morons blew off the handicapped also. The Obama administration is not acknowledgeing Long Term Care. Hay, Pal, (OBAMA) you better get your thinking cap on! The nursing homes are for profit and they are killing our aged. I kept my mother home with me until the night she had to go to the Hospital at 96 years old. She succumbed 17 days later but had me and her home to hold on too. I had to morgage the house to take care of her, and I don’t regret a thing. The Nursing Home situation can be taken care of in a few days if you would stop appointing nerds! Your White House Staff blew off Randy Alexander of Memphis. Mr Alexander just wanted to know the Obama stance on the Community Choice Act or any significant reform on Long Term Care. The White House has no plans to address Long Term Care! After the usless meeting with White House Flunkies, Bruce Darling of Rochester ADAPT announced that the White House had betrayed the elderly and handicapped in the United States. Incidently, all White House Personel DO NOT PAY FOR HEALTH CARE. “THAT VIOLATES CIVIL RIGHTS OF ALL” Then 96 handicapped people were arrested by Capital Police who get free pensions and health care but issued citations on the spot! A few days after the meeting this spring the White House Web Site deleted any support for Community Choice Act. Now this administration can be a leader or just another guy waiting to be re-elected. This nation needs a leader, not a doormat! If you by some chance read this blog because I am advertising in Martha’s Vineyard this Week, Please remember I like your style BUT you will not get a free ride. We got you for the next 3.4 years! Do your job. This is not the OVAL OFFICE Television Show, or is it. Some of you appointments were lacking. Incidently, the office of the Vice President is paid for by the Senate. No Vice President is Deputy Commander in Chief! Therefore Mr. Chaney could not have legally given any orders to anyone except staff and neither can Mr. Biden. Just a little political info! Sincerely bigmikecraft

Sorry to Bother you Mr. President, But!

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Many individual lives and the lives of their family and friends depend upon whether you can grasp the job as President or not. George Bush Jr. (43) could not grasp the job and for some reason did not care. I, for one will never understand why someone who gets the prime job in the world ,does not wish to be the best! Bill Clinton could not grasp the job either, and I do not know why. These two men started the flames of disaster and unfortunitely, you got left with the mess. The mess actually started historically with Richard Nixon. He took this nation off the gold standard, and condemmed this nation to a lifestyle that is now dependant on the rest of the world. This nation has the most powerful navy in the world (I hear that you are a student of navel battles and ships) and we actually allowed OPEC to be born. OPEC is made up of the weakest nations on earth. Stand up for America and read them the riot act. This nation needs you to lead ,not follow a bunch of 2 year congress people, who were picked by the local ward healers, who got help from the unions in the private sector, who came to your local racket bosses to get help and muscle. You are the President, and this nation has not had one since the first term of Ronald Reagan (like him or not, and I did not)! The congress must be brought into the legal form that they were formed to be. The congress is a totally representative body and each congressperson was supposed to represent about #550,000 people. They now, due to no reapportionment, in some cases represent close to #850,000 people. If the sensus was being administered properly this time, the computer comes up with #375,000,000 (million people)! This is unexceptable for North America. The immigrant population must be cut down to only #100,000 (one hundred thousand per year allowance to immigrate) Ronald Reagan actually freed the Soviet Block ,only to unwilling cause a breakdown in the world policies. If all these people wanted freedom so much, why don’t they stay in their nations of origin and shape a new nation. Instead, they run to this country! I hate to play the bad guy, but maybe It will take an ex-member of the NCS and the Lansky group, (an ex-gangster) to wake up America! I know where all your weaknesses are, and I know where your strengths are! This nation can not any longer take in legal immigrants! It must send home all those with temporary work visas, and close the southern border. The illegal population of California has (past tense) broken it for good. The property tax payer can no longer carry the load of the moron civil servant. The borders must be closed and you My President must take the responcibility, and order up at least #4000 full combat troops to the Mexican Border! I blankly believe that a full division (16000) should be kept their at all times. Your new American Southern Command must be one of the old bases in Texas. Do not build anything, fix up the old Sgt. Bilko Barracks, and use old trucks. We have under salary, 1.3 million in uniform in the armed forces. I am sitting in Waterviliet, N.Y. right now, next to the Arsenal. They have 60 trucks just sitting and rotting under the Rt.155 overpass. Some are old chevy trucks painted in green camoflage! With a tune up by our already paid mechanics, they will run, and run well. In other words, the trucks, vans, older Hum-Vees, and large trucks are paid for. Our domestic armed forces are being paid to sit on the ready! Well Mr. Commander in Chief, it is ready time. They only need some older Hughs helocoptors, tuned up and painted. A few piper cub aircraft and a few armored cars. They need no tanks. They are sealing the border, not air lifting into Germany in WW2. Use the things we already own, and there is no expense. I am sorry to give you this help in public, but I gave you your honeymoon, and now it is time to get up off you good intentions and be a tough, non-political President. It will be better for the nation if you love the nation with insight, honesty, and good constitutional, legal leadership, than ease along for the next 3 years and wait for re-election. We need you now. The next election should not even be on the plate! We need a real  leader now. Also, the next time you get a chance to speak to Adm. Mullen, your military chief, ask him why this nation is tolerating the chinesse setting up missle towers in the southern shallow waters off the Phillipines. They have declared a no-fly-shoot down zone which violates international maritime law. No one ownes that region and it is rumored to have oil. Why are not ,our war ships, out there to demand the de-militarizing of such platforms in international waters. Quit playing with China! D3emand that all products sold in America be made here! It is time that the American Interests came home. In the event of Military hostilities, all American interests would be seized by the PLA anyway! Mr. President. Send the paid for troops to the Mexican border and also make them fix and cook their own food. No contractors. We are in our own nation for petes sake! Use the trucks and wheeled armor and  already paid for aircraft we have and send an already paid for division to the Mexican border in Bilko Barracks and tents. And to repeat myself, tell the Chinesse to get the heck out of the Phillipines. Sincerely, bigmikecraft

Mr.and Mrs Obama, This Editorial is For You Both and The Nation

Posted August 21, 2009 by thefederalinformant
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Welcome to the Islands Mr. President, and First Lady. I say this with respect ,because I do like you both, I even wrote you both songs for YouTube, BUT I have given you both your honeymoon at 1600, and now it is time for blunt talk. As a father guides his children, I shall try to show you both the Way. No, I never wanted to be President, but I once wanted to be the Boss. I had to settle for a small slice of America in Upstate N.Y. from Woodstock to Canada, out to Syracuse, down to Binghamton and over into Vermont and New Hampshire. Then I got caught for 10 million in Income Taxes and your IRS defrauded me, tried to work me like a migrant worker, for no pay, and joined forces with the Northern Judicial Justice Department (&FBI) to defraud both the government, citizen, and myself, (TROY RECORD, 1999-204 stories). This means I have worked within both my system and within yours. Trust me Mr. Obama, mine is more honest than civil servants. We only kill each other once in a while, while a negligent civil servant/government worker destroys on an on going, daily basis, even after retirement! SO Mr. and Mrs. Obama, here is another chapter in this trilogy. Please learn and do. Mr. Obama, you are the Commander-in-Chief and do not need permission to send 1500 national guardsmen to Texas/Arizona. They are already being paid to not work. They already have m-16’s issued, and you are their Boss, not Congress. Under Pose Commitatus, you may use the military for intermittent law enforcement. In this case, you have open gang warfare on the southern border. Under the National Security Act, you must act! The National Guard/Reserves serve at your behest! You, must by law, give the order. Incidently, you could use stationary troops, who are lounging around bases in America, if you wish (800 each from each branch)! Why, because you are the Commander -in Chief! I do not know where these 2 year hires in Congress or the Pentagon get their figures. The reserves already draw some pay and benefits. If you all have a hard time with that, use the man/person power from any of the national bases/ Believe me, 1500 armed forces on the southern border is not enough. Gen. Dwight David IKE, President of the United States in the 50’s did what history calls the IKE SWEEP! He sent in 160,000 troops(a full army), at his orders ,to sweep across from Northern Texas to Southern Arizona. The full Army he sent, got 1.4 million illegals and sent them back to Mexico. The President said at the time that “there will be an increased problem with illegal and legal immigration” He said he should really do his sweep every year, under a training exercise budget, therefore there would be actually no cost! Mr President (Obama) you will either take control of this Nation and Congress or it will take care of you and finish your term for you. The ignorant people like Sarah Palin,  Newt Gingrich, and company, should be confronted by you, when they speak. There is an old saying in history, and it’s from the Italian people, and it comes in the form of a name! The slogan is Enrico and Pegliarre, which is the story of a farmer with a horse and a cart. As the farmer goes up and down the little streets of Corleone, one older woman says” Is the horse pulling the cart or is the cart and farmer pushing the horse” That is a loose translation. That is what is happening to your administration. You have too many incompetent people and we do not have any more time for changes in Administrations and their incompetence! Send in the troops (4000) to the Border. Use on payroll troops (draw down the already paid for rations, and already paid for ammunition, tents, and trucks) under your distinct authority. Incidently it was used in Chicago in the Twenties. It did not work because Al bought the general in charge! Trust me, it is the truth. You have Mexican Generals making 1 million per year! They have said this on Television. Mexico is the third world, it is not Canada. Stop closing your eyes, there are 20 million illegals in this nation and only 39 of them are Canadian! The games at the Canadian Border can be stopped with your order. I got news for you, you are constitutionally in charge of every agency. Under the USC laws, 26usc7802, you are in charge of the IRS also. Therefore I even have a contract with you since that law is on my contracts, which are in default by the criminal actions of one Peter Benevento, of the IRS-CID in Andover, and his entire CID crew. If you wish to give me a formal release in writing ,I will accept it since I am being defrauded anyway. That is for next weeks side Editorial! I am very concerned that we (and I am a registered Dan O’Connell Albany County Democrat, and DCCC member) have elected you to a job that you do not understand. I have set this News Blog up for you to understand your rights as a President. Bill Clinton played with the rich, he was more like a conservative Republican than a good Democrat. He signed NAFTA and many other trade contracts that only benefit the poor nations and the Corporations who use slave labor. Yes Slave labor! As President, you can demand that all the items sold in America, be made here by our Union workers, present and future! Nike builds its shoes in  Nam and China, so that they don’t have to pay good salaries, and the Nike products are made by people who pay no American taxes. You can stop this tomorrow if you choose! By signing any trade agreement ,where full American workers are not being used, it is treason. Bill Clinton, acting as President acted treasonous. I got news for you, the Clintons came to that White House poor as church mice and left with 15 million in book residuals. They had Terry McCauliffe bankroll a house for them in my old territory. Trust me Mr. President, The Clintons are transparent. I do not know how Mrs. Clinton will do as a Secretary of State. It is common knowledge that you got her, to keep her out of the next election. She is under your orders, therefore she will triumph of fail under your political flag. I have written about her in the Troy Record, when she ran for senate. I objected to her use of Air Force One while campaigning. The Clintons are cheap, because they come from nothing. They lived on small time favors in Arkansas and now Bill is your, in theory, Ambassador at Large! You were told, in a private letter sent to 3 random aides, that I would try to help you in secret, but would only give you 180 days to get your sea legs. I kept my promise. You had your time, and I will be openly trying to help you, but taking full credit for everything I say! I use to slide Sandy Berger stuff and even did the 1997 Dulles security rehaul, by giving it to that hack! I placed an idiot in the Justice Dept. by issuing an eyes only memo to George Stephenopolous on one Idiot New York State Cop, John Constintine. He was the dumbest slug I ever knew, but I used the phrase “He is a man with out sin”. I wanted him to ruin the FBI not the DEA! Constintine never made a real arrest in his life and I am sorry for doing that, but The Northern Judicial District FBI was giving me a problem, by not arresting the criminal IRS agents who were holding 6 Billion in Cases, that I generated! Instead they outed me on the streets thinking I would get killed. They were too stupid to understand that I was Meyer’s Last Enforcer and actually laughed at civilians with guns. I am sorry to get into this ,but every once in a while I would try to secretly stop a government foul up, not realizing that most of these government employees are lazy and stupid. The world saw that in Katrina and Dan Quayle, and Browney and Bush Jr.!  Do not let the World see you in a bad light. Also, I would also tell your secret service that they must put a wider security circle around you. You can not allow anyone with a weapon to be with in 2 mile radius of your speeches. I understand that it is a second amendment issue, but that issue should be for the area outside your presence. I do not want a nut to cause a Squeeky Frum or Hinkley situation. Mr. President, I want you safe to do your job well. BUT, I shall not keep still about things I know to be facts, because I lived through them. Have a great vacation, but my PAD is acting up and I will spend this time writing you, and the Martha’s Vineyard Citizens, this News Blog. I would like to thank the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette and Times for running my paid for ads, with me being hundreds of miles away in upstate New York. Sincerely bigmikecraft