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The actual Facts on National Health Care and Nothing Else

August 25, 2009

I will write today, the actual facts on National Health Care (socialized medicine) and will interject no Political humor or criminal facts. My name is Mike Craft Sr. and I had the privaledge of living in two countries until I was 14. I went to school in New York State and because my father was the Supreme Court bagman, we lived in Quebec, Canada from weekends in April and May to all of June, July, and August, either on my uncles farm or at a beautiful 4 bedroom log home on Lake Massawippi, (near Sherbrooke, Quebec) We belonged to the local country club in both countries, and I played golf and boated all summer. If my father had a Special session, he would race back across the border to Albany, N.Y. and leave my mother and I in Canada. We had money and my mother was born just outside Massawippi, in Waterville, Quebec! Now I had hay fever and asthsma. I was always at the doctors. In Canada, my doctor was Dr. Clink. He also helped my father keep his fingers, after a bad accident. Socialized medicine only controled the final price, not the care. You can see any doctor you wish and if a specialist is needed it will cost you $10.00 extra. Your operations will be scheduled at the same rate as in the American For Profit Insurance Programs. If you have any emergencies, as in any emergency operation, you will be operated on immediately! All perscriptions are government controlled and cost almost nothing, because the Drug Companies must abide by wage and price controls. The quality of care is the same as in the United States. The problem Canada has, is immigration. It has swelled the benefit population. We have the same problem here, and that is not a political comment. It a mathmatical one! I was at the Hudson Valley Community College the other day, (a truly great institution) and was talking to one of the Librarians. She told me she paid $950.00 per month for her family plan. That would mean that a single would be about $700.00. These are relatively inexpensive policies by national standards. They are in a group which is a Co-Op style group. The independant citizen, who is in private employment would pay about $1050.00 for a single in the Albany Area and $1550 for a family plan. Now since the recorderd anual income aggragate in the Albany area is $39,900, with the Municipal Employee’s aggragate income at $54,000 per year, where does anyone in the private sector, on hourly wages, or factory workers on hourly wages get the $15000.00 per year to pay. The problem now is that the civil servant, for the most part ,is getting almost free medical coverage. You, Mr. President and the entire Federal Work Force are with Blue Cross/ Shield. Your premiums are paid by the general budget and the price on all 5 million of you, plus the other 25 million state, local, and county workers, in this nation ,is why the insurance giants can screw the general public. The pay scales in Government include medical and free retirement, although all the corporations lobbied congress to sell that BS 401 and IRA/Roth crap! The private corporations moved out of the States to China and Mexico anyway. They did not want to pay their profits into pension plans. Congress voted for this and the dumb public is just finding out that most companies won’t evev match the 401! It is simply a savings account for the poor. The guaranteed pensions and guaranteed medical plans in government are unconstitutional! I can go to court tomorow, if I had the money and legal staff. But I don’t. Do you think that the any congress people should get a retirement. They got paid and ran on there own, while begging for money. They are trying to sell this Democratic Program now, when it should be for all citizens including civil servants and teachers. The entire nation should be constitutionally protected by the same program! For the general public to not have the same coverage as the people they pay, is constitutionally illegal! I will go to court if I can swing the money! I will also say that Medicad is in place, use it and stop trying to reinvent the wheel. This nation throws away so much money on crap, it should finally mature. It is your job to mature the public! It is your job to mature congress and it is your job to make sure the constitution is intact. I will quote from The Independence Today newspaper’s June issue in Watervilet, N.Y., an article by Mike Ervin. “The long line of ADAPT marchers slithered toward the White House. Every one took position, along the front fence, facing the White House main entrance, across from Lafayatte Park. It was the first day of ADAPT’s forst national action against the Obama Administration.” This means that a group of crippled and handicapped people came to the White House and the following White Housr Staffers blew them off. Mr Henry Claypool director of the Office of Disability of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, (big title for a bad job) He once was on welfare and now was going to blow off people in need! Also in attendance were Nancy Ann Min DeParle, director of the White House office of Health Reform and Jeff Crowley, director of National Aids Policy and the Presidents policy advisor. These two morons blew off the handicapped also. The Obama administration is not acknowledgeing Long Term Care. Hay, Pal, (OBAMA) you better get your thinking cap on! The nursing homes are for profit and they are killing our aged. I kept my mother home with me until the night she had to go to the Hospital at 96 years old. She succumbed 17 days later but had me and her home to hold on too. I had to morgage the house to take care of her, and I don’t regret a thing. The Nursing Home situation can be taken care of in a few days if you would stop appointing nerds! Your White House Staff blew off Randy Alexander of Memphis. Mr Alexander just wanted to know the Obama stance on the Community Choice Act or any significant reform on Long Term Care. The White House has no plans to address Long Term Care! After the usless meeting with White House Flunkies, Bruce Darling of Rochester ADAPT announced that the White House had betrayed the elderly and handicapped in the United States. Incidently, all White House Personel DO NOT PAY FOR HEALTH CARE. “THAT VIOLATES CIVIL RIGHTS OF ALL” Then 96 handicapped people were arrested by Capital Police who get free pensions and health care but issued citations on the spot! A few days after the meeting this spring the White House Web Site deleted any support for Community Choice Act. Now this administration can be a leader or just another guy waiting to be re-elected. This nation needs a leader, not a doormat! If you by some chance read this blog because I am advertising in Martha’s Vineyard this Week, Please remember I like your style BUT you will not get a free ride. We got you for the next 3.4 years! Do your job. This is not the OVAL OFFICE Television Show, or is it. Some of you appointments were lacking. Incidently, the office of the Vice President is paid for by the Senate. No Vice President is Deputy Commander in Chief! Therefore Mr. Chaney could not have legally given any orders to anyone except staff and neither can Mr. Biden. Just a little political info! Sincerely bigmikecraft


Sorry to Bother you Mr. President, But!

August 24, 2009

Many individual lives and the lives of their family and friends depend upon whether you can grasp the job as President or not. George Bush Jr. (43) could not grasp the job and for some reason did not care. I, for one will never understand why someone who gets the prime job in the world ,does not wish to be the best! Bill Clinton could not grasp the job either, and I do not know why. These two men started the flames of disaster and unfortunitely, you got left with the mess. The mess actually started historically with Richard Nixon. He took this nation off the gold standard, and condemmed this nation to a lifestyle that is now dependant on the rest of the world. This nation has the most powerful navy in the world (I hear that you are a student of navel battles and ships) and we actually allowed OPEC to be born. OPEC is made up of the weakest nations on earth. Stand up for America and read them the riot act. This nation needs you to lead ,not follow a bunch of 2 year congress people, who were picked by the local ward healers, who got help from the unions in the private sector, who came to your local racket bosses to get help and muscle. You are the President, and this nation has not had one since the first term of Ronald Reagan (like him or not, and I did not)! The congress must be brought into the legal form that they were formed to be. The congress is a totally representative body and each congressperson was supposed to represent about #550,000 people. They now, due to no reapportionment, in some cases represent close to #850,000 people. If the sensus was being administered properly this time, the computer comes up with #375,000,000 (million people)! This is unexceptable for North America. The immigrant population must be cut down to only #100,000 (one hundred thousand per year allowance to immigrate) Ronald Reagan actually freed the Soviet Block ,only to unwilling cause a breakdown in the world policies. If all these people wanted freedom so much, why don’t they stay in their nations of origin and shape a new nation. Instead, they run to this country! I hate to play the bad guy, but maybe It will take an ex-member of the NCS and the Lansky group, (an ex-gangster) to wake up America! I know where all your weaknesses are, and I know where your strengths are! This nation can not any longer take in legal immigrants! It must send home all those with temporary work visas, and close the southern border. The illegal population of California has (past tense) broken it for good. The property tax payer can no longer carry the load of the moron civil servant. The borders must be closed and you My President must take the responcibility, and order up at least #4000 full combat troops to the Mexican Border! I blankly believe that a full division (16000) should be kept their at all times. Your new American Southern Command must be one of the old bases in Texas. Do not build anything, fix up the old Sgt. Bilko Barracks, and use old trucks. We have under salary, 1.3 million in uniform in the armed forces. I am sitting in Waterviliet, N.Y. right now, next to the Arsenal. They have 60 trucks just sitting and rotting under the Rt.155 overpass. Some are old chevy trucks painted in green camoflage! With a tune up by our already paid mechanics, they will run, and run well. In other words, the trucks, vans, older Hum-Vees, and large trucks are paid for. Our domestic armed forces are being paid to sit on the ready! Well Mr. Commander in Chief, it is ready time. They only need some older Hughs helocoptors, tuned up and painted. A few piper cub aircraft and a few armored cars. They need no tanks. They are sealing the border, not air lifting into Germany in WW2. Use the things we already own, and there is no expense. I am sorry to give you this help in public, but I gave you your honeymoon, and now it is time to get up off you good intentions and be a tough, non-political President. It will be better for the nation if you love the nation with insight, honesty, and good constitutional, legal leadership, than ease along for the next 3 years and wait for re-election. We need you now. The next election should not even be on the plate! We need a real  leader now. Also, the next time you get a chance to speak to Adm. Mullen, your military chief, ask him why this nation is tolerating the chinesse setting up missle towers in the southern shallow waters off the Phillipines. They have declared a no-fly-shoot down zone which violates international maritime law. No one ownes that region and it is rumored to have oil. Why are not ,our war ships, out there to demand the de-militarizing of such platforms in international waters. Quit playing with China! D3emand that all products sold in America be made here! It is time that the American Interests came home. In the event of Military hostilities, all American interests would be seized by the PLA anyway! Mr. President. Send the paid for troops to the Mexican border and also make them fix and cook their own food. No contractors. We are in our own nation for petes sake! Use the trucks and wheeled armor and  already paid for aircraft we have and send an already paid for division to the Mexican border in Bilko Barracks and tents. And to repeat myself, tell the Chinesse to get the heck out of the Phillipines. Sincerely, bigmikecraft

Mr.and Mrs Obama, This Editorial is For You Both and The Nation

August 21, 2009

Welcome to the Islands Mr. President, and First Lady. I say this with respect ,because I do like you both, I even wrote you both songs for YouTube, BUT I have given you both your honeymoon at 1600, and now it is time for blunt talk. As a father guides his children, I shall try to show you both the Way. No, I never wanted to be President, but I once wanted to be the Boss. I had to settle for a small slice of America in Upstate N.Y. from Woodstock to Canada, out to Syracuse, down to Binghamton and over into Vermont and New Hampshire. Then I got caught for 10 million in Income Taxes and your IRS defrauded me, tried to work me like a migrant worker, for no pay, and joined forces with the Northern Judicial Justice Department (&FBI) to defraud both the government, citizen, and myself, (TROY RECORD, 1999-204 stories). This means I have worked within both my system and within yours. Trust me Mr. Obama, mine is more honest than civil servants. We only kill each other once in a while, while a negligent civil servant/government worker destroys on an on going, daily basis, even after retirement! SO Mr. and Mrs. Obama, here is another chapter in this trilogy. Please learn and do. Mr. Obama, you are the Commander-in-Chief and do not need permission to send 1500 national guardsmen to Texas/Arizona. They are already being paid to not work. They already have m-16’s issued, and you are their Boss, not Congress. Under Pose Commitatus, you may use the military for intermittent law enforcement. In this case, you have open gang warfare on the southern border. Under the National Security Act, you must act! The National Guard/Reserves serve at your behest! You, must by law, give the order. Incidently, you could use stationary troops, who are lounging around bases in America, if you wish (800 each from each branch)! Why, because you are the Commander -in Chief! I do not know where these 2 year hires in Congress or the Pentagon get their figures. The reserves already draw some pay and benefits. If you all have a hard time with that, use the man/person power from any of the national bases/ Believe me, 1500 armed forces on the southern border is not enough. Gen. Dwight David IKE, President of the United States in the 50’s did what history calls the IKE SWEEP! He sent in 160,000 troops(a full army), at his orders ,to sweep across from Northern Texas to Southern Arizona. The full Army he sent, got 1.4 million illegals and sent them back to Mexico. The President said at the time that “there will be an increased problem with illegal and legal immigration” He said he should really do his sweep every year, under a training exercise budget, therefore there would be actually no cost! Mr President (Obama) you will either take control of this Nation and Congress or it will take care of you and finish your term for you. The ignorant people like Sarah Palin,  Newt Gingrich, and company, should be confronted by you, when they speak. There is an old saying in history, and it’s from the Italian people, and it comes in the form of a name! The slogan is Enrico and Pegliarre, which is the story of a farmer with a horse and a cart. As the farmer goes up and down the little streets of Corleone, one older woman says” Is the horse pulling the cart or is the cart and farmer pushing the horse” That is a loose translation. That is what is happening to your administration. You have too many incompetent people and we do not have any more time for changes in Administrations and their incompetence! Send in the troops (4000) to the Border. Use on payroll troops (draw down the already paid for rations, and already paid for ammunition, tents, and trucks) under your distinct authority. Incidently it was used in Chicago in the Twenties. It did not work because Al bought the general in charge! Trust me, it is the truth. You have Mexican Generals making 1 million per year! They have said this on Television. Mexico is the third world, it is not Canada. Stop closing your eyes, there are 20 million illegals in this nation and only 39 of them are Canadian! The games at the Canadian Border can be stopped with your order. I got news for you, you are constitutionally in charge of every agency. Under the USC laws, 26usc7802, you are in charge of the IRS also. Therefore I even have a contract with you since that law is on my contracts, which are in default by the criminal actions of one Peter Benevento, of the IRS-CID in Andover, and his entire CID crew. If you wish to give me a formal release in writing ,I will accept it since I am being defrauded anyway. That is for next weeks side Editorial! I am very concerned that we (and I am a registered Dan O’Connell Albany County Democrat, and DCCC member) have elected you to a job that you do not understand. I have set this News Blog up for you to understand your rights as a President. Bill Clinton played with the rich, he was more like a conservative Republican than a good Democrat. He signed NAFTA and many other trade contracts that only benefit the poor nations and the Corporations who use slave labor. Yes Slave labor! As President, you can demand that all the items sold in America, be made here by our Union workers, present and future! Nike builds its shoes in  Nam and China, so that they don’t have to pay good salaries, and the Nike products are made by people who pay no American taxes. You can stop this tomorrow if you choose! By signing any trade agreement ,where full American workers are not being used, it is treason. Bill Clinton, acting as President acted treasonous. I got news for you, the Clintons came to that White House poor as church mice and left with 15 million in book residuals. They had Terry McCauliffe bankroll a house for them in my old territory. Trust me Mr. President, The Clintons are transparent. I do not know how Mrs. Clinton will do as a Secretary of State. It is common knowledge that you got her, to keep her out of the next election. She is under your orders, therefore she will triumph of fail under your political flag. I have written about her in the Troy Record, when she ran for senate. I objected to her use of Air Force One while campaigning. The Clintons are cheap, because they come from nothing. They lived on small time favors in Arkansas and now Bill is your, in theory, Ambassador at Large! You were told, in a private letter sent to 3 random aides, that I would try to help you in secret, but would only give you 180 days to get your sea legs. I kept my promise. You had your time, and I will be openly trying to help you, but taking full credit for everything I say! I use to slide Sandy Berger stuff and even did the 1997 Dulles security rehaul, by giving it to that hack! I placed an idiot in the Justice Dept. by issuing an eyes only memo to George Stephenopolous on one Idiot New York State Cop, John Constintine. He was the dumbest slug I ever knew, but I used the phrase “He is a man with out sin”. I wanted him to ruin the FBI not the DEA! Constintine never made a real arrest in his life and I am sorry for doing that, but The Northern Judicial District FBI was giving me a problem, by not arresting the criminal IRS agents who were holding 6 Billion in Cases, that I generated! Instead they outed me on the streets thinking I would get killed. They were too stupid to understand that I was Meyer’s Last Enforcer and actually laughed at civilians with guns. I am sorry to get into this ,but every once in a while I would try to secretly stop a government foul up, not realizing that most of these government employees are lazy and stupid. The world saw that in Katrina and Dan Quayle, and Browney and Bush Jr.!  Do not let the World see you in a bad light. Also, I would also tell your secret service that they must put a wider security circle around you. You can not allow anyone with a weapon to be with in 2 mile radius of your speeches. I understand that it is a second amendment issue, but that issue should be for the area outside your presence. I do not want a nut to cause a Squeeky Frum or Hinkley situation. Mr. President, I want you safe to do your job well. BUT, I shall not keep still about things I know to be facts, because I lived through them. Have a great vacation, but my PAD is acting up and I will spend this time writing you, and the Martha’s Vineyard Citizens, this News Blog. I would like to thank the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette and Times for running my paid for ads, with me being hundreds of miles away in upstate New York. Sincerely bigmikecraft

The United States Has National Medicine in Place, Use It!

August 19, 2009

The United States has helped every other nation on earth, except it’s self. The Corporations have lobbied for reckless laws that do not protect the nation, and tax laws that would be laughed at in any other nation! Now you have a President who would like to contribute to society as a whole, but does not understand Health Care. I actually believe the First Lady does not fully understand Health Care in America even though she was a hospital administrator at an inflated payscale. There is no hospital in the world who should be paying anyone over the Presidents pay scale! He runs the nation and receives $400,000.00 per year plus his perks and the $950,000,000.00 per year it costs to protect the office of the Presidency. I fully understand the health concerns of those that get their health care for free, as is the case with public employees, teachers, and politicians. The rest of the nation either is too broke to pay and is on public assistance, or has reached 65 years old and is paying $100.00 per month for the former free Medicare, or is paying on average $1100.00 per month for independant medical insurance ,or has none and they spin the wheel of life. I will first explain the wonderful medical plan already in place that can be expanded. It is Medicad! Yes, you short sighted and small minded, low IQ national politicians, it is Medicad. Medicad saved my life when I went broke, due to the criminal actions by the IRS-CID Mid-Atlantic Region. That is another story to be written soon! Medicad has some flaws but it is in place. I will fully explain the medicad system and how it can be improved in the following news blog! First of all I was a cash multimillionaire racketeer and former Licensed Liquor pervayor in clubs. Many clubs, many bars, and a few restaurants in my 30 year career! I worked for Mr. Meyer Lansky, and was a full general member of the NCS and the old Lansky group! I was a mob snob and was on call. I did no day to day rackets, but got rich, busting out businesses and warehouses and department stores. I understand money, I had money, and I spent a lot of money. I did not have to watch my bottom line because I would just go out and Hi-Jack somebody elses bottom line to make another $100,000.00 out of a million dollar score. That was my business. In doing so, I eventually risked loosing my son in court, so I surrendered to the IRS-CID on TEN Million Dollars. They instead put me to work. I just wanted the reader, and Mr. Obama to know, that I have more experience in life, and in cash money than most. I have fully explored Medicad, now that I am ill with a nerve disease and PAD. I have gone broke trying to get my story out, but the FBI, (not the IRS-CID) have intercepted stories with reporters and compromised them. You see I was the last Lansky go-fer to pay off J.Edger Hoover in 1969. That is inside FBI Northern Judicial News! They don’t want you all to know me. Thus I will have to show you all how to save your nation and solve the health epidenic problems in America! —–Lets start with perscription medicine! All medicine in America should be regulated by a COMPETENT HEALTH AGENCY not the FOOD And DRUG COMMISSION! The citizen must understand that some civil servants try to get early retirements from other criminally minded civil servants inorder to get new jobs in the Health Sector. This is the ONLY nation on EARTH with a FOR  PROFIT HEALTH  SYSTEM. In dealing with perscriptions, one must understand that they are not fair trade items. Every single Drug outlet charges differently. THEREFORE the number #1 or FIRST positive step every STATE MUST do is set up a PX style Perscription Outlet in every county. The county social services are, believe it or not, better set up to control this than a new federal buracracy! Each county must locate a site for perscriptions, to be picked up, and they must purchase said medicine from RX houses at Canadian Prices. Why do you all let the Drug Companies rob from us all. I was forced to go broke and almost die at the hands of criminal agents of the government.  The Drug Prices must be fixed nationally now. I have news for all of you. Any President of the United States can Nationalize any business he wishes. The Office of the President can also, under executive order get the ball rolling, because he is the defacto head of every agency in the government. The President can just about do anything he wishes, if he wishes to take politics and the next election out of it. Mr. Obama has not got the professional advisors necessary to help him. FDR had Bernard Baruch as his sole advisor, most people don’t understand this. The White House Staff has increased too much with too many usless political incompetence, drawing big bucks, sitting at desks. Mr Obama has the opportunity to be a real President, by being a President and not a Politician. Medicad is already set up. Use it for the people.  Co-Op’s do not work! They eventually go their way as a private insurance company because the miopic co-op leadership wants money, instead of people helping people! Co-Ops were started in New York State with both unions and The N.Y.S.Restaurant and Liquor Dealers Association. They eventually became almost as expensive as the regular insurance companies. We have Medicad and with the New PX system of central control of drugs which I have given you, costs will be cut by 2/3’s (two thirds) under price controls. I personally understand Medicad and it works! It must be also administered by controlling immigration. The illegal and legal immigrant are swelling the roles so that American Born Citizens are paying for people that do not have a right to come here. Immigration in America is not a right of a foreign born person. It is granted by a too kind America. The line that only the Indians are real natives is for 100 years ago. We are now too many. The average immigrant has 4 children and is over burdening our nation. In order to have national health care, we must now finally stop all immigration! Our population is nearing 375 million and we must now do what the other nations are doing. Stop the influx of immigrants to control costs. National Health Care will work, The PX Drug Distribution System will work, Medicad properly administered  will work better, and a series of County Clinics, attached to a major hospital will work as well. These Clinics must be maintained by the County Department of Social Services and fully funded by the Federal Government. I could open, and complete, 3000 clinics in America, in each county, in less than one year ,if you all would take criminal minded politics out of it! The Clinics are for medical advice and the distribution of light perscriptions. They are for cuts bruses, sprains and small breaks. The nurse practicioner is competent to heal all minor problems. That would leave the emergency rooms freed up. Also, you can monator the cases on a more friendly nature. Perscription Drugs must be brought into line and fortunately for this President and Congress, you have me, Now! The Drug Companies are charging different prices for every area and for every nation. They can be controlled by the RICO laws. If they are charging $5.00 for a Drug in Canada, they must charge the same here or it is RICO Fraud because medicare uses the tax payers money. It is also Federal Fraud against the Government,  Price Rigging and RICO again because they call each other and speak to doctors. I will close this article now with the first of a few bits of information to be used by a man in the White House that I actually like but must hep up for the good of the Nation. Mr. Obama, you must be a President for the next 3.4 years not an already lame duck because you are afraid it will hurt your political bottom line. I got news for you Sir, Harry Truman had it right when he said that “the buck stops here”! But before you know what the buck is, you have got to understand the civil service incompetence that has been hanging around since IKE. If you just take the lenght of the time the SEC gave as an explanation on the Madoff Case!  They said they were looking at him for eleven years. They are also using civil cases, not criminal because they are incompetent. The other agencies must be brought into Legal Conformaty! The ship of state is totally off course and through your efforts, it might straighten out. The Most mature man in the White House in the Last 60 years was Lyndon Johnson. When his political people asked him to change direction, he said “I shall not seek nor shall I run for the Presidency in the next election” He went further into Viet Nam and did what the Job called for. He did not placate people for the lime light. Mr. President, you will make 100 million dollars on leaving the White House whether it is for 4 years or 8 years. Do the job and tell the truth. Do not play politics with health care. You have Medicad, just listen to me, spend money wisley, build modular clinics in already paved parking lots, I will show you how to buy the Modular Clinics for very little ,for free. You know, before Meyer died of Cancer, he told a few of us that the name is good so use it. I did but what did it get me. Mr. President, the name you have is a good one, use it with pride and do not let yourself get caught in a dirty Capital Hill Slug Fest where some criminal congresspeople and senators, who have no money except for donation from doctors and drug companies, tell you what to do. You are 1/3 of the Constitutional power in our Democracy. Use it to make the other two thirds do a better job. I will not get into a congressional name calling tirade now, because it is not important. BUT, look at the contributors of each Hill Person and weigh it. It is your yard stick. The one thing you and I know right now is this nation needs a national health care program, for every citizen, and I mean that civil servants and governmental workers can no longer break the law by having what the other citizens have not got! Sincerely bigmikecraft   

I am a Federal Informant v/26usc7802

August 13, 2009

Hello, my name is Mike (bigmikecraft) Craft Sr., and I am the publisher of and . I will, for the for seeable future, be reporting on the factual legal problems the United States is facing. I will be writing this based upon my 41 years in the legal game, both as a  general member of the National Crime Syndicate (N C S), the Old Lansky Group (Meyer Lansky) and as a Federal Informant under 26 u s c 7802! I was a registered confidential informant with the IRS-CID since 1987 and was swindled by the Service because I refused to turn in my friends. I did turn in over 6 Billion in cases, which went undone outwardly, to me, but were being done badly, in secret, so as to not having to pay me. I just receintly found out that cases that have my name on them, have been being settled for 5 cents on the dollar or less. That is the reason for this new news blog “” I have signed contracts with the Treasury and both the FBI, Justice Dept. and The IRS are involved. Many Upstate Front Pages at the Troy Record tell some of the story, but this News Blog Service is also to explain all the terrible problems in this nation which can be traced back as far as Kennedy. It is unfortunate that the new President, Barack Obama is being blamed for this nations problems. I will be blunt, “Where have all you citizens been for the last 50 years. The almost non government of George Bush Sr., who could have stopped the Kuwait envation by putting an American armored Division on the border of Kuwait, (Saddam would not have crossed the line knowing it would end in War) to Bill Clinton (who was so poor as to not even owning a home) signing NAFTA, and all the other trade agreements ,that would transfer jobs to other nations! Bill Clinton was a stooge and I can tell you that because I was a syndicate member. Now George Bush (43) Jr. was a non President and I am sorry to say, I could not come out in the national open press because of FBI interference. George Bush Jr. was solely owned by the Saudi Royal Family, due to him formerly  being  a poor businessman (B C C I), I will get into that also. Now we have Barack Obama, a nice man, a seemingly good husband and father, but a man with absolutely no worldly experience in money. Before his recient book, he lived on his wife’s $550,000.00 salary  as a Hospital Administrator and Legal consultant. I use to bet $500,000.00 on horses and numbers in a few months, so I will put you all, in perspective now, in the beginning of this news service. I had money at 21 years old, as a professional thief and bag man. My father was in politics as a bag man, for the Rockefeller Administration, and as a N.Y.S. Supreme Court Stenographer  (Dean of the Stenographers) and Clerk. He had the Firm of Solomon, Kirwin and Craft, and later partnered with a man named Fred Baugh. The secret of my family was that my father fixed Trials for Meyer Lansky and Friends ( from 1953 to 1979), he retired in 1979. As a young man I clerked for my father and proofed hundreds of cases. I have an intricate knowledge of practical law. After 28 arrests, I have no criminal record and have a Ten Million Dollar file of taverns, nite clubs, restaurants and concessions at the New York State Liquor Authority. I can back up my sources, my contracts, my former money, my IRS-CID contracts, the Federal Employee Crimes, and every single fact I will give you in the Future. This nation is broke because of politics. When a man like George Soros has to donate money to the city of New York, to buy kids shoes, socks, books and pens, while illegal pay raises are being given to public employees,it is disgraceful! I am mad and I will do a “do diligence” job to write at least 3 full Editorials a week in “The Federal Informant” I must also tell you, because there has been a little press on it, but not enough due to FBI interference of  individual reporters, that I had the contracts to kill Pierre Trudeau, Fidel Castro (Toronto Star, Jan. 3/4 2008), & Ex-President Richard Nixon in 1974 (contract refused). I took the contracts but the first two were called off by the commission and I was forced to save Nixon’s life by going against Meyer Lansky, for the good of all, in all the various groups. The Secret Service stood for the killing of JFK because of being naive, but they would have tracked me down to the ends of the earth on Nixon. To coin a phrase of a very powerful American gangster in Chicago, in the fall of 74 ” Michael, you are a good soldier for coming to me, We have killed enough Presidents in this century.  Go home and I will set Meyer straight. Keep Meyers money, I am supporting him anyway”! Meyer kept sending messages from Israel via gofer’s, to kill all his enemies! I always got my contract money from my partner in a few upstate Bars, Paul Di Cocco, of Schenectady! Paul had been the acting under boss to Carmine Galante in Canada, and Carmine’s “French Connection”!  Paul had helped me a lot!  I have such a varied past that I will be the only journalist who can explain things as to experience and not guess work. I lived with politicians in the house for all of New York State, I was a general full member as of 1973 (full general associate from 1968 to 1973) in the Lansky Group, and the N C S, with Paul DiCocco Sr. as my business partner in many deals and the hijacking business! I spent millions of dollars in cash and only owned my restaurants, not expensive homes. I worked in and out of 2 other countries in my rackets, which were of illegal natures, operated and owned many large bars and restaurants, and was a husband and father. I moved millions in cash in my own hands, not in some bogus float. When I put $50,000 down on a bet, it was my money, not a credit card. I was a devoted father, but probably not the best, although a custodial father, (my father was the former Supreme Court Bag man), I could not have lost my son. I was a registered confidential informant for the IRS-CID/Treasury and know all their crimes against the American people. I have beaten up enough people, both in person and in the press, to give you an honest street objective view. I have been attacked in writing by the IRS to Congressmen and outed as a confidential informant. I was outed by the FBI through the N.Y.S. Police on the streets of Schenectady, N.Y. to try to get me killed. These stupid Fed’s didn’t understand that I use to be really tough and I was the man with the gun. I was the bag man for the Teamsters during the reign of Nick Robalotto and Paul A. DiCocco Sr. I also paid both of them 20% on my Thefts of Trucking Companies and Warehouses. WHAT I Am Telling All who will read the following News Blogs is, that I have credibility and formal background. My liquor files alone have a few million dollars in clubs in them!  Yes, I am an Albany County Democrat, but my father and family were “Rocky Republicans until the 1980’s. I had appointments to many Police Agencies, because in my day it was appointed, but chose the rackets. You all have an expert journalist in this News Blog and service. I will be feeding the World News through and always will consult my college associates at SUNY Cobleskill and Hudson Valley for the younger thoughts. I will be streaming my own radio station, if you choose to listen and download.  I welcome you to the local news of Upstate New York via the Troy Record and Spotlight News. I look forward to being with you all ,3 times a week in original editorial dialogue. I hope you all comment and get involved. I will leave you with this comment! Mr Obama is one third of the government, and inherited that from TWO Bushes and a Secret Republican, Bill Clinton! Don’t blame Mr. Obama for the nations problems. He just got here and your problems  started with a poor, broke down actor, Ronald Reagan! You all didn’t want to pay taxes, you all wanted to go to War, not remembering Viet Nam’s 15 years! You all wanted money in the stock market, but for the most part didn’t understand that you have to sell on a profit and pay your tax. You all didn’t want to pay taxes and now China supplies ONE Trillion Dollars per year, to pay our bills. Yes, America can not legally pay it’s bills. You all better be prepared for rigid honesty and facts. I will give you my opinions when I mark them as opinions. The Facts will be based on Knowledge and Factual Sources! I will endeavor to show you, from a constitutional legal position, why the general american citizen is loosing his/her status as a progressive citizen! I will show you that 20,000,000 (twenty Million) people in America, the civil servant/public worker/teacher, already have socialized medicine and demand more from the public. I will say to you that any one of can file in Federal Court, on Constitutional grounds. No civil servant may have what the public does not! No laws, treaties, or contracts may be set up by congress, that bestows more rights on any one catagory of citizen over the other. Public Service Employees must pay for their Medical benefits and their pension benefits NOW! This is the Law of the Land and must be followed. All congressional, Senate, all congressional, executive, or Judicial employees must pay for their own benefits. It has always been the Law! In order for the Law to be administered by the Federal Courts, a motion/lawsuit must be filed. The filing is cheap and so is the service. It is the motion hearing that will be expensive unless the ACLU takes the case. These Public Employee Unions and Teachers Unions will fight to keep things the same. They actually think the public employee should be paid more, get more benefits, have a public financed pension fund (in New York State, it is double life pensions, which violate federal law) and the public employee thinks he or she should get early retirements for sitting around. The Constitution is clear, “make no special circumstances.” I want the public employees to receive a pension, but it will have to be a matching fund, the same as a good company. The FBI is receiving 100% pay after 30 years. A pension is supposed to be 47% 0f the pay, with 3% going back into the fund. The Home Owner can no longer pay for incompetent Teachers or the former dumbest kid from school Public Employee. If the constitution is to be honored and inforced, all the nation must have the same retirement age. It is the Law. Your Public Employees are taking advantage of the public, who are apparently too afraid or stupid to understand the law. The reason that the medical insurance premiums are so high, is because the Federal and State Governments, through their own incompetent BS employees, are paying what ever the bill is from the Various Insurance Companies. Read the next installments and learn. Your Congress works for you all out there. They may not have ,what we the citizen have not. Help the ACLU or a pro-bono Law Firm go to court. It is the Federal and State Public Employee Health Programs that are causing the main problem. The rest lies in the Government not nationalizing the medical profession. Medicare is no longer free because of non nationalization of hospitals. I will leave you all with this little nugget, “The Doctors took an oath” if they wish to practice medicine, they must heal anyone. Also they must, by law, take all medicad and medicare whether they want to or not, and they are refusing! I need help taking this and the other cases to court. Any Doctor who doesn’t like it here can go to Canada, or to any other Western Nation and work for the Government Wage! There are no wealthy Doctors in England, but the Government did pay for their education! Talk to you all  in a Day! Sincerely bigmikecraft

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August 11, 2009

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