I am a Federal Informant v/26usc7802

Hello, my name is Mike (bigmikecraft) Craft Sr., and I am the publisher of www.thefederalinformant.com and https://thefederalinformant.wordpress.com . I will, for the for seeable future, be reporting on the factual legal problems the United States is facing. I will be writing this based upon my 41 years in the legal game, both as a  general member of the National Crime Syndicate (N C S), the Old Lansky Group (Meyer Lansky) and as a Federal Informant under 26 u s c 7802! I was a registered confidential informant with the IRS-CID since 1987 and was swindled by the Service because I refused to turn in my friends. I did turn in over 6 Billion in cases, which went undone outwardly, to me, but were being done badly, in secret, so as to not having to pay me. I just receintly found out that cases that have my name on them, have been being settled for 5 cents on the dollar or less. That is the reason for this new news blog “www.thefederalinformant.wordpress.com” I have signed contracts with the Treasury and both the FBI, Justice Dept. and The IRS are involved. Many Upstate Front Pages at the Troy Record tell some of the story, but this News Blog Service is also to explain all the terrible problems in this nation which can be traced back as far as Kennedy. It is unfortunate that the new President, Barack Obama is being blamed for this nations problems. I will be blunt, “Where have all you citizens been for the last 50 years. The almost non government of George Bush Sr., who could have stopped the Kuwait envation by putting an American armored Division on the border of Kuwait, (Saddam would not have crossed the line knowing it would end in War) to Bill Clinton (who was so poor as to not even owning a home) signing NAFTA, and all the other trade agreements ,that would transfer jobs to other nations! Bill Clinton was a stooge and I can tell you that because I was a syndicate member. Now George Bush (43) Jr. was a non President and I am sorry to say, I could not come out in the national open press because of FBI interference. George Bush Jr. was solely owned by the Saudi Royal Family, due to him formerly  being  a poor businessman (B C C I), I will get into that also. Now we have Barack Obama, a nice man, a seemingly good husband and father, but a man with absolutely no worldly experience in money. Before his recient book, he lived on his wife’s $550,000.00 salary  as a Hospital Administrator and Legal consultant. I use to bet $500,000.00 on horses and numbers in a few months, so I will put you all, in perspective now, in the beginning of this news service. I had money at 21 years old, as a professional thief and bag man. My father was in politics as a bag man, for the Rockefeller Administration, and as a N.Y.S. Supreme Court Stenographer  (Dean of the Stenographers) and Clerk. He had the Firm of Solomon, Kirwin and Craft, and later partnered with a man named Fred Baugh. The secret of my family was that my father fixed Trials for Meyer Lansky and Friends ( from 1953 to 1979), he retired in 1979. As a young man I clerked for my father and proofed hundreds of cases. I have an intricate knowledge of practical law. After 28 arrests, I have no criminal record and have a Ten Million Dollar file of taverns, nite clubs, restaurants and concessions at the New York State Liquor Authority. I can back up my sources, my contracts, my former money, my IRS-CID contracts, the Federal Employee Crimes, and every single fact I will give you in the Future. This nation is broke because of politics. When a man like George Soros has to donate money to the city of New York, to buy kids shoes, socks, books and pens, while illegal pay raises are being given to public employees,it is disgraceful! I am mad and I will do a “do diligence” job to write at least 3 full Editorials a week in “The Federal Informant” I must also tell you, because there has been a little press on it, but not enough due to FBI interference of  individual reporters, that I had the contracts to kill Pierre Trudeau, Fidel Castro (Toronto Star, Jan. 3/4 2008), & Ex-President Richard Nixon in 1974 (contract refused). I took the contracts but the first two were called off by the commission and I was forced to save Nixon’s life by going against Meyer Lansky, for the good of all, in all the various groups. The Secret Service stood for the killing of JFK because of being naive, but they would have tracked me down to the ends of the earth on Nixon. To coin a phrase of a very powerful American gangster in Chicago, in the fall of 74 ” Michael, you are a good soldier for coming to me, We have killed enough Presidents in this century.  Go home and I will set Meyer straight. Keep Meyers money, I am supporting him anyway”! Meyer kept sending messages from Israel via gofer’s, to kill all his enemies! I always got my contract money from my partner in a few upstate Bars, Paul Di Cocco, of Schenectady! Paul had been the acting under boss to Carmine Galante in Canada, and Carmine’s “French Connection”!  Paul had helped me a lot!  I have such a varied past that I will be the only journalist who can explain things as to experience and not guess work. I lived with politicians in the house for all of New York State, I was a general full member as of 1973 (full general associate from 1968 to 1973) in the Lansky Group, and the N C S, with Paul DiCocco Sr. as my business partner in many deals and the hijacking business! I spent millions of dollars in cash and only owned my restaurants, not expensive homes. I worked in and out of 2 other countries in my rackets, which were of illegal natures, operated and owned many large bars and restaurants, and was a husband and father. I moved millions in cash in my own hands, not in some bogus float. When I put $50,000 down on a bet, it was my money, not a credit card. I was a devoted father, but probably not the best, although a custodial father, (my father was the former Supreme Court Bag man), I could not have lost my son. I was a registered confidential informant for the IRS-CID/Treasury and know all their crimes against the American people. I have beaten up enough people, both in person and in the press, to give you an honest street objective view. I have been attacked in writing by the IRS to Congressmen and outed as a confidential informant. I was outed by the FBI through the N.Y.S. Police on the streets of Schenectady, N.Y. to try to get me killed. These stupid Fed’s didn’t understand that I use to be really tough and I was the man with the gun. I was the bag man for the Teamsters during the reign of Nick Robalotto and Paul A. DiCocco Sr. I also paid both of them 20% on my Thefts of Trucking Companies and Warehouses. WHAT I Am Telling All who will read the following News Blogs is, that I have credibility and formal background. My liquor files alone have a few million dollars in clubs in them!  Yes, I am an Albany County Democrat, but my father and family were “Rocky Republicans until the 1980’s. I had appointments to many Police Agencies, because in my day it was appointed, but chose the rackets. You all have an expert journalist in this News Blog and service. I will be feeding the World News through WN.com and always will consult my college associates at SUNY Cobleskill and Hudson Valley for the younger thoughts. I will be streaming my own radio station, if you choose to listen and download.  I welcome you to the local news of Upstate New York via the Troy Record and Spotlight News. I look forward to being with you all ,3 times a week in original editorial dialogue. I hope you all comment and get involved. I will leave you with this comment! Mr Obama is one third of the government, and inherited that from TWO Bushes and a Secret Republican, Bill Clinton! Don’t blame Mr. Obama for the nations problems. He just got here and your problems  started with a poor, broke down actor, Ronald Reagan! You all didn’t want to pay taxes, you all wanted to go to War, not remembering Viet Nam’s 15 years! You all wanted money in the stock market, but for the most part didn’t understand that you have to sell on a profit and pay your tax. You all didn’t want to pay taxes and now China supplies ONE Trillion Dollars per year, to pay our bills. Yes, America can not legally pay it’s bills. You all better be prepared for rigid honesty and facts. I will give you my opinions when I mark them as opinions. The Facts will be based on Knowledge and Factual Sources! I will endeavor to show you, from a constitutional legal position, why the general american citizen is loosing his/her status as a progressive citizen! I will show you that 20,000,000 (twenty Million) people in America, the civil servant/public worker/teacher, already have socialized medicine and demand more from the public. I will say to you that any one of can file in Federal Court, on Constitutional grounds. No civil servant may have what the public does not! No laws, treaties, or contracts may be set up by congress, that bestows more rights on any one catagory of citizen over the other. Public Service Employees must pay for their Medical benefits and their pension benefits NOW! This is the Law of the Land and must be followed. All congressional, Senate, all congressional, executive, or Judicial employees must pay for their own benefits. It has always been the Law! In order for the Law to be administered by the Federal Courts, a motion/lawsuit must be filed. The filing is cheap and so is the service. It is the motion hearing that will be expensive unless the ACLU takes the case. These Public Employee Unions and Teachers Unions will fight to keep things the same. They actually think the public employee should be paid more, get more benefits, have a public financed pension fund (in New York State, it is double life pensions, which violate federal law) and the public employee thinks he or she should get early retirements for sitting around. The Constitution is clear, “make no special circumstances.” I want the public employees to receive a pension, but it will have to be a matching fund, the same as a good company. The FBI is receiving 100% pay after 30 years. A pension is supposed to be 47% 0f the pay, with 3% going back into the fund. The Home Owner can no longer pay for incompetent Teachers or the former dumbest kid from school Public Employee. If the constitution is to be honored and inforced, all the nation must have the same retirement age. It is the Law. Your Public Employees are taking advantage of the public, who are apparently too afraid or stupid to understand the law. The reason that the medical insurance premiums are so high, is because the Federal and State Governments, through their own incompetent BS employees, are paying what ever the bill is from the Various Insurance Companies. Read the next installments and learn. Your Congress works for you all out there. They may not have ,what we the citizen have not. Help the ACLU or a pro-bono Law Firm go to court. It is the Federal and State Public Employee Health Programs that are causing the main problem. The rest lies in the Government not nationalizing the medical profession. Medicare is no longer free because of non nationalization of hospitals. I will leave you all with this little nugget, “The Doctors took an oath” if they wish to practice medicine, they must heal anyone. Also they must, by law, take all medicad and medicare whether they want to or not, and they are refusing! I need help taking this and the other cases to court. Any Doctor who doesn’t like it here can go to Canada, or to any other Western Nation and work for the Government Wage! There are no wealthy Doctors in England, but the Government did pay for their education! Talk to you all  in a Day! Sincerely bigmikecraft

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  1. I would like to say that bigmikecraft will never lie to you all, or give knowingly false information. The Obama Administration has had its honeymoon and is now destroying the nation, as did the Bush Administration! Big Mike Craft was the top Enforcer to Meyer Lansky as a young man. His father also worked for Meyer but was a political fixer, not a street gangster as was Big Mike. Mike Craft Sr was not only an international problem solver for the old commission but a Federal Informant/consultant for the IRS-CID. The Treasury is involved in monatary crimes under the Bush and before Administrations, and Mr. Craft Sr. was unable to release any information because of his love for his Mother who passed away in 2007, at the age of 96. Because she was a Canadian, she made Mike promise not to tell his life story until after she had passed away. He honored her wish!

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