The United States Has National Medicine in Place, Use It!

The United States has helped every other nation on earth, except it’s self. The Corporations have lobbied for reckless laws that do not protect the nation, and tax laws that would be laughed at in any other nation! Now you have a President who would like to contribute to society as a whole, but does not understand Health Care. I actually believe the First Lady does not fully understand Health Care in America even though she was a hospital administrator at an inflated payscale. There is no hospital in the world who should be paying anyone over the Presidents pay scale! He runs the nation and receives $400,000.00 per year plus his perks and the $950,000,000.00 per year it costs to protect the office of the Presidency. I fully understand the health concerns of those that get their health care for free, as is the case with public employees, teachers, and politicians. The rest of the nation either is too broke to pay and is on public assistance, or has reached 65 years old and is paying $100.00 per month for the former free Medicare, or is paying on average $1100.00 per month for independant medical insurance ,or has none and they spin the wheel of life. I will first explain the wonderful medical plan already in place that can be expanded. It is Medicad! Yes, you short sighted and small minded, low IQ national politicians, it is Medicad. Medicad saved my life when I went broke, due to the criminal actions by the IRS-CID Mid-Atlantic Region. That is another story to be written soon! Medicad has some flaws but it is in place. I will fully explain the medicad system and how it can be improved in the following news blog! First of all I was a cash multimillionaire racketeer and former Licensed Liquor pervayor in clubs. Many clubs, many bars, and a few restaurants in my 30 year career! I worked for Mr. Meyer Lansky, and was a full general member of the NCS and the old Lansky group! I was a mob snob and was on call. I did no day to day rackets, but got rich, busting out businesses and warehouses and department stores. I understand money, I had money, and I spent a lot of money. I did not have to watch my bottom line because I would just go out and Hi-Jack somebody elses bottom line to make another $100,000.00 out of a million dollar score. That was my business. In doing so, I eventually risked loosing my son in court, so I surrendered to the IRS-CID on TEN Million Dollars. They instead put me to work. I just wanted the reader, and Mr. Obama to know, that I have more experience in life, and in cash money than most. I have fully explored Medicad, now that I am ill with a nerve disease and PAD. I have gone broke trying to get my story out, but the FBI, (not the IRS-CID) have intercepted stories with reporters and compromised them. You see I was the last Lansky go-fer to pay off J.Edger Hoover in 1969. That is inside FBI Northern Judicial News! They don’t want you all to know me. Thus I will have to show you all how to save your nation and solve the health epidenic problems in America! —–Lets start with perscription medicine! All medicine in America should be regulated by a COMPETENT HEALTH AGENCY not the FOOD And DRUG COMMISSION! The citizen must understand that some civil servants try to get early retirements from other criminally minded civil servants inorder to get new jobs in the Health Sector. This is the ONLY nation on EARTH with a FOR  PROFIT HEALTH  SYSTEM. In dealing with perscriptions, one must understand that they are not fair trade items. Every single Drug outlet charges differently. THEREFORE the number #1 or FIRST positive step every STATE MUST do is set up a PX style Perscription Outlet in every county. The county social services are, believe it or not, better set up to control this than a new federal buracracy! Each county must locate a site for perscriptions, to be picked up, and they must purchase said medicine from RX houses at Canadian Prices. Why do you all let the Drug Companies rob from us all. I was forced to go broke and almost die at the hands of criminal agents of the government.  The Drug Prices must be fixed nationally now. I have news for all of you. Any President of the United States can Nationalize any business he wishes. The Office of the President can also, under executive order get the ball rolling, because he is the defacto head of every agency in the government. The President can just about do anything he wishes, if he wishes to take politics and the next election out of it. Mr. Obama has not got the professional advisors necessary to help him. FDR had Bernard Baruch as his sole advisor, most people don’t understand this. The White House Staff has increased too much with too many usless political incompetence, drawing big bucks, sitting at desks. Mr Obama has the opportunity to be a real President, by being a President and not a Politician. Medicad is already set up. Use it for the people.  Co-Op’s do not work! They eventually go their way as a private insurance company because the miopic co-op leadership wants money, instead of people helping people! Co-Ops were started in New York State with both unions and The N.Y.S.Restaurant and Liquor Dealers Association. They eventually became almost as expensive as the regular insurance companies. We have Medicad and with the New PX system of central control of drugs which I have given you, costs will be cut by 2/3’s (two thirds) under price controls. I personally understand Medicad and it works! It must be also administered by controlling immigration. The illegal and legal immigrant are swelling the roles so that American Born Citizens are paying for people that do not have a right to come here. Immigration in America is not a right of a foreign born person. It is granted by a too kind America. The line that only the Indians are real natives is for 100 years ago. We are now too many. The average immigrant has 4 children and is over burdening our nation. In order to have national health care, we must now finally stop all immigration! Our population is nearing 375 million and we must now do what the other nations are doing. Stop the influx of immigrants to control costs. National Health Care will work, The PX Drug Distribution System will work, Medicad properly administered  will work better, and a series of County Clinics, attached to a major hospital will work as well. These Clinics must be maintained by the County Department of Social Services and fully funded by the Federal Government. I could open, and complete, 3000 clinics in America, in each county, in less than one year ,if you all would take criminal minded politics out of it! The Clinics are for medical advice and the distribution of light perscriptions. They are for cuts bruses, sprains and small breaks. The nurse practicioner is competent to heal all minor problems. That would leave the emergency rooms freed up. Also, you can monator the cases on a more friendly nature. Perscription Drugs must be brought into line and fortunately for this President and Congress, you have me, Now! The Drug Companies are charging different prices for every area and for every nation. They can be controlled by the RICO laws. If they are charging $5.00 for a Drug in Canada, they must charge the same here or it is RICO Fraud because medicare uses the tax payers money. It is also Federal Fraud against the Government,  Price Rigging and RICO again because they call each other and speak to doctors. I will close this article now with the first of a few bits of information to be used by a man in the White House that I actually like but must hep up for the good of the Nation. Mr. Obama, you must be a President for the next 3.4 years not an already lame duck because you are afraid it will hurt your political bottom line. I got news for you Sir, Harry Truman had it right when he said that “the buck stops here”! But before you know what the buck is, you have got to understand the civil service incompetence that has been hanging around since IKE. If you just take the lenght of the time the SEC gave as an explanation on the Madoff Case!  They said they were looking at him for eleven years. They are also using civil cases, not criminal because they are incompetent. The other agencies must be brought into Legal Conformaty! The ship of state is totally off course and through your efforts, it might straighten out. The Most mature man in the White House in the Last 60 years was Lyndon Johnson. When his political people asked him to change direction, he said “I shall not seek nor shall I run for the Presidency in the next election” He went further into Viet Nam and did what the Job called for. He did not placate people for the lime light. Mr. President, you will make 100 million dollars on leaving the White House whether it is for 4 years or 8 years. Do the job and tell the truth. Do not play politics with health care. You have Medicad, just listen to me, spend money wisley, build modular clinics in already paved parking lots, I will show you how to buy the Modular Clinics for very little ,for free. You know, before Meyer died of Cancer, he told a few of us that the name is good so use it. I did but what did it get me. Mr. President, the name you have is a good one, use it with pride and do not let yourself get caught in a dirty Capital Hill Slug Fest where some criminal congresspeople and senators, who have no money except for donation from doctors and drug companies, tell you what to do. You are 1/3 of the Constitutional power in our Democracy. Use it to make the other two thirds do a better job. I will not get into a congressional name calling tirade now, because it is not important. BUT, look at the contributors of each Hill Person and weigh it. It is your yard stick. The one thing you and I know right now is this nation needs a national health care program, for every citizen, and I mean that civil servants and governmental workers can no longer break the law by having what the other citizens have not got! Sincerely bigmikecraft   

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