Mr.and Mrs Obama, This Editorial is For You Both and The Nation

Welcome to the Islands Mr. President, and First Lady. I say this with respect ,because I do like you both, I even wrote you both songs for YouTube, BUT I have given you both your honeymoon at 1600, and now it is time for blunt talk. As a father guides his children, I shall try to show you both the Way. No, I never wanted to be President, but I once wanted to be the Boss. I had to settle for a small slice of America in Upstate N.Y. from Woodstock to Canada, out to Syracuse, down to Binghamton and over into Vermont and New Hampshire. Then I got caught for 10 million in Income Taxes and your IRS defrauded me, tried to work me like a migrant worker, for no pay, and joined forces with the Northern Judicial Justice Department (&FBI) to defraud both the government, citizen, and myself, (TROY RECORD, 1999-204 stories). This means I have worked within both my system and within yours. Trust me Mr. Obama, mine is more honest than civil servants. We only kill each other once in a while, while a negligent civil servant/government worker destroys on an on going, daily basis, even after retirement! SO Mr. and Mrs. Obama, here is another chapter in this trilogy. Please learn and do. Mr. Obama, you are the Commander-in-Chief and do not need permission to send 1500 national guardsmen to Texas/Arizona. They are already being paid to not work. They already have m-16’s issued, and you are their Boss, not Congress. Under Pose Commitatus, you may use the military for intermittent law enforcement. In this case, you have open gang warfare on the southern border. Under the National Security Act, you must act! The National Guard/Reserves serve at your behest! You, must by law, give the order. Incidently, you could use stationary troops, who are lounging around bases in America, if you wish (800 each from each branch)! Why, because you are the Commander -in Chief! I do not know where these 2 year hires in Congress or the Pentagon get their figures. The reserves already draw some pay and benefits. If you all have a hard time with that, use the man/person power from any of the national bases/ Believe me, 1500 armed forces on the southern border is not enough. Gen. Dwight David IKE, President of the United States in the 50’s did what history calls the IKE SWEEP! He sent in 160,000 troops(a full army), at his orders ,to sweep across from Northern Texas to Southern Arizona. The full Army he sent, got 1.4 million illegals and sent them back to Mexico. The President said at the time that “there will be an increased problem with illegal and legal immigration” He said he should really do his sweep every year, under a training exercise budget, therefore there would be actually no cost! Mr President (Obama) you will either take control of this Nation and Congress or it will take care of you and finish your term for you. The ignorant people like Sarah Palin,  Newt Gingrich, and company, should be confronted by you, when they speak. There is an old saying in history, and it’s from the Italian people, and it comes in the form of a name! The slogan is Enrico and Pegliarre, which is the story of a farmer with a horse and a cart. As the farmer goes up and down the little streets of Corleone, one older woman says” Is the horse pulling the cart or is the cart and farmer pushing the horse” That is a loose translation. That is what is happening to your administration. You have too many incompetent people and we do not have any more time for changes in Administrations and their incompetence! Send in the troops (4000) to the Border. Use on payroll troops (draw down the already paid for rations, and already paid for ammunition, tents, and trucks) under your distinct authority. Incidently it was used in Chicago in the Twenties. It did not work because Al bought the general in charge! Trust me, it is the truth. You have Mexican Generals making 1 million per year! They have said this on Television. Mexico is the third world, it is not Canada. Stop closing your eyes, there are 20 million illegals in this nation and only 39 of them are Canadian! The games at the Canadian Border can be stopped with your order. I got news for you, you are constitutionally in charge of every agency. Under the USC laws, 26usc7802, you are in charge of the IRS also. Therefore I even have a contract with you since that law is on my contracts, which are in default by the criminal actions of one Peter Benevento, of the IRS-CID in Andover, and his entire CID crew. If you wish to give me a formal release in writing ,I will accept it since I am being defrauded anyway. That is for next weeks side Editorial! I am very concerned that we (and I am a registered Dan O’Connell Albany County Democrat, and DCCC member) have elected you to a job that you do not understand. I have set this News Blog up for you to understand your rights as a President. Bill Clinton played with the rich, he was more like a conservative Republican than a good Democrat. He signed NAFTA and many other trade contracts that only benefit the poor nations and the Corporations who use slave labor. Yes Slave labor! As President, you can demand that all the items sold in America, be made here by our Union workers, present and future! Nike builds its shoes in  Nam and China, so that they don’t have to pay good salaries, and the Nike products are made by people who pay no American taxes. You can stop this tomorrow if you choose! By signing any trade agreement ,where full American workers are not being used, it is treason. Bill Clinton, acting as President acted treasonous. I got news for you, the Clintons came to that White House poor as church mice and left with 15 million in book residuals. They had Terry McCauliffe bankroll a house for them in my old territory. Trust me Mr. President, The Clintons are transparent. I do not know how Mrs. Clinton will do as a Secretary of State. It is common knowledge that you got her, to keep her out of the next election. She is under your orders, therefore she will triumph of fail under your political flag. I have written about her in the Troy Record, when she ran for senate. I objected to her use of Air Force One while campaigning. The Clintons are cheap, because they come from nothing. They lived on small time favors in Arkansas and now Bill is your, in theory, Ambassador at Large! You were told, in a private letter sent to 3 random aides, that I would try to help you in secret, but would only give you 180 days to get your sea legs. I kept my promise. You had your time, and I will be openly trying to help you, but taking full credit for everything I say! I use to slide Sandy Berger stuff and even did the 1997 Dulles security rehaul, by giving it to that hack! I placed an idiot in the Justice Dept. by issuing an eyes only memo to George Stephenopolous on one Idiot New York State Cop, John Constintine. He was the dumbest slug I ever knew, but I used the phrase “He is a man with out sin”. I wanted him to ruin the FBI not the DEA! Constintine never made a real arrest in his life and I am sorry for doing that, but The Northern Judicial District FBI was giving me a problem, by not arresting the criminal IRS agents who were holding 6 Billion in Cases, that I generated! Instead they outed me on the streets thinking I would get killed. They were too stupid to understand that I was Meyer’s Last Enforcer and actually laughed at civilians with guns. I am sorry to get into this ,but every once in a while I would try to secretly stop a government foul up, not realizing that most of these government employees are lazy and stupid. The world saw that in Katrina and Dan Quayle, and Browney and Bush Jr.!  Do not let the World see you in a bad light. Also, I would also tell your secret service that they must put a wider security circle around you. You can not allow anyone with a weapon to be with in 2 mile radius of your speeches. I understand that it is a second amendment issue, but that issue should be for the area outside your presence. I do not want a nut to cause a Squeeky Frum or Hinkley situation. Mr. President, I want you safe to do your job well. BUT, I shall not keep still about things I know to be facts, because I lived through them. Have a great vacation, but my PAD is acting up and I will spend this time writing you, and the Martha’s Vineyard Citizens, this News Blog. I would like to thank the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette and Times for running my paid for ads, with me being hundreds of miles away in upstate New York. Sincerely bigmikecraft

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