Sorry to Bother you Mr. President, But!

Many individual lives and the lives of their family and friends depend upon whether you can grasp the job as President or not. George Bush Jr. (43) could not grasp the job and for some reason did not care. I, for one will never understand why someone who gets the prime job in the world ,does not wish to be the best! Bill Clinton could not grasp the job either, and I do not know why. These two men started the flames of disaster and unfortunitely, you got left with the mess. The mess actually started historically with Richard Nixon. He took this nation off the gold standard, and condemmed this nation to a lifestyle that is now dependant on the rest of the world. This nation has the most powerful navy in the world (I hear that you are a student of navel battles and ships) and we actually allowed OPEC to be born. OPEC is made up of the weakest nations on earth. Stand up for America and read them the riot act. This nation needs you to lead ,not follow a bunch of 2 year congress people, who were picked by the local ward healers, who got help from the unions in the private sector, who came to your local racket bosses to get help and muscle. You are the President, and this nation has not had one since the first term of Ronald Reagan (like him or not, and I did not)! The congress must be brought into the legal form that they were formed to be. The congress is a totally representative body and each congressperson was supposed to represent about #550,000 people. They now, due to no reapportionment, in some cases represent close to #850,000 people. If the sensus was being administered properly this time, the computer comes up with #375,000,000 (million people)! This is unexceptable for North America. The immigrant population must be cut down to only #100,000 (one hundred thousand per year allowance to immigrate) Ronald Reagan actually freed the Soviet Block ,only to unwilling cause a breakdown in the world policies. If all these people wanted freedom so much, why don’t they stay in their nations of origin and shape a new nation. Instead, they run to this country! I hate to play the bad guy, but maybe It will take an ex-member of the NCS and the Lansky group, (an ex-gangster) to wake up America! I know where all your weaknesses are, and I know where your strengths are! This nation can not any longer take in legal immigrants! It must send home all those with temporary work visas, and close the southern border. The illegal population of California has (past tense) broken it for good. The property tax payer can no longer carry the load of the moron civil servant. The borders must be closed and you My President must take the responcibility, and order up at least #4000 full combat troops to the Mexican Border! I blankly believe that a full division (16000) should be kept their at all times. Your new American Southern Command must be one of the old bases in Texas. Do not build anything, fix up the old Sgt. Bilko Barracks, and use old trucks. We have under salary, 1.3 million in uniform in the armed forces. I am sitting in Waterviliet, N.Y. right now, next to the Arsenal. They have 60 trucks just sitting and rotting under the Rt.155 overpass. Some are old chevy trucks painted in green camoflage! With a tune up by our already paid mechanics, they will run, and run well. In other words, the trucks, vans, older Hum-Vees, and large trucks are paid for. Our domestic armed forces are being paid to sit on the ready! Well Mr. Commander in Chief, it is ready time. They only need some older Hughs helocoptors, tuned up and painted. A few piper cub aircraft and a few armored cars. They need no tanks. They are sealing the border, not air lifting into Germany in WW2. Use the things we already own, and there is no expense. I am sorry to give you this help in public, but I gave you your honeymoon, and now it is time to get up off you good intentions and be a tough, non-political President. It will be better for the nation if you love the nation with insight, honesty, and good constitutional, legal leadership, than ease along for the next 3 years and wait for re-election. We need you now. The next election should not even be on the plate! We need a real  leader now. Also, the next time you get a chance to speak to Adm. Mullen, your military chief, ask him why this nation is tolerating the chinesse setting up missle towers in the southern shallow waters off the Phillipines. They have declared a no-fly-shoot down zone which violates international maritime law. No one ownes that region and it is rumored to have oil. Why are not ,our war ships, out there to demand the de-militarizing of such platforms in international waters. Quit playing with China! D3emand that all products sold in America be made here! It is time that the American Interests came home. In the event of Military hostilities, all American interests would be seized by the PLA anyway! Mr. President. Send the paid for troops to the Mexican border and also make them fix and cook their own food. No contractors. We are in our own nation for petes sake! Use the trucks and wheeled armor and  already paid for aircraft we have and send an already paid for division to the Mexican border in Bilko Barracks and tents. And to repeat myself, tell the Chinesse to get the heck out of the Phillipines. Sincerely, bigmikecraft

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