The actual Facts on National Health Care and Nothing Else

I will write today, the actual facts on National Health Care (socialized medicine) and will interject no Political humor or criminal facts. My name is Mike Craft Sr. and I had the privaledge of living in two countries until I was 14. I went to school in New York State and because my father was the Supreme Court bagman, we lived in Quebec, Canada from weekends in April and May to all of June, July, and August, either on my uncles farm or at a beautiful 4 bedroom log home on Lake Massawippi, (near Sherbrooke, Quebec) We belonged to the local country club in both countries, and I played golf and boated all summer. If my father had a Special session, he would race back across the border to Albany, N.Y. and leave my mother and I in Canada. We had money and my mother was born just outside Massawippi, in Waterville, Quebec! Now I had hay fever and asthsma. I was always at the doctors. In Canada, my doctor was Dr. Clink. He also helped my father keep his fingers, after a bad accident. Socialized medicine only controled the final price, not the care. You can see any doctor you wish and if a specialist is needed it will cost you $10.00 extra. Your operations will be scheduled at the same rate as in the American For Profit Insurance Programs. If you have any emergencies, as in any emergency operation, you will be operated on immediately! All perscriptions are government controlled and cost almost nothing, because the Drug Companies must abide by wage and price controls. The quality of care is the same as in the United States. The problem Canada has, is immigration. It has swelled the benefit population. We have the same problem here, and that is not a political comment. It a mathmatical one! I was at the Hudson Valley Community College the other day, (a truly great institution) and was talking to one of the Librarians. She told me she paid $950.00 per month for her family plan. That would mean that a single would be about $700.00. These are relatively inexpensive policies by national standards. They are in a group which is a Co-Op style group. The independant citizen, who is in private employment would pay about $1050.00 for a single in the Albany Area and $1550 for a family plan. Now since the recorderd anual income aggragate in the Albany area is $39,900, with the Municipal Employee’s aggragate income at $54,000 per year, where does anyone in the private sector, on hourly wages, or factory workers on hourly wages get the $15000.00 per year to pay. The problem now is that the civil servant, for the most part ,is getting almost free medical coverage. You, Mr. President and the entire Federal Work Force are with Blue Cross/ Shield. Your premiums are paid by the general budget and the price on all 5 million of you, plus the other 25 million state, local, and county workers, in this nation ,is why the insurance giants can screw the general public. The pay scales in Government include medical and free retirement, although all the corporations lobbied congress to sell that BS 401 and IRA/Roth crap! The private corporations moved out of the States to China and Mexico anyway. They did not want to pay their profits into pension plans. Congress voted for this and the dumb public is just finding out that most companies won’t evev match the 401! It is simply a savings account for the poor. The guaranteed pensions and guaranteed medical plans in government are unconstitutional! I can go to court tomorow, if I had the money and legal staff. But I don’t. Do you think that the any congress people should get a retirement. They got paid and ran on there own, while begging for money. They are trying to sell this Democratic Program now, when it should be for all citizens including civil servants and teachers. The entire nation should be constitutionally protected by the same program! For the general public to not have the same coverage as the people they pay, is constitutionally illegal! I will go to court if I can swing the money! I will also say that Medicad is in place, use it and stop trying to reinvent the wheel. This nation throws away so much money on crap, it should finally mature. It is your job to mature the public! It is your job to mature congress and it is your job to make sure the constitution is intact. I will quote from The Independence Today newspaper’s June issue in Watervilet, N.Y., an article by Mike Ervin. “The long line of ADAPT marchers slithered toward the White House. Every one took position, along the front fence, facing the White House main entrance, across from Lafayatte Park. It was the first day of ADAPT’s forst national action against the Obama Administration.” This means that a group of crippled and handicapped people came to the White House and the following White Housr Staffers blew them off. Mr Henry Claypool director of the Office of Disability of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, (big title for a bad job) He once was on welfare and now was going to blow off people in need! Also in attendance were Nancy Ann Min DeParle, director of the White House office of Health Reform and Jeff Crowley, director of National Aids Policy and the Presidents policy advisor. These two morons blew off the handicapped also. The Obama administration is not acknowledgeing Long Term Care. Hay, Pal, (OBAMA) you better get your thinking cap on! The nursing homes are for profit and they are killing our aged. I kept my mother home with me until the night she had to go to the Hospital at 96 years old. She succumbed 17 days later but had me and her home to hold on too. I had to morgage the house to take care of her, and I don’t regret a thing. The Nursing Home situation can be taken care of in a few days if you would stop appointing nerds! Your White House Staff blew off Randy Alexander of Memphis. Mr Alexander just wanted to know the Obama stance on the Community Choice Act or any significant reform on Long Term Care. The White House has no plans to address Long Term Care! After the usless meeting with White House Flunkies, Bruce Darling of Rochester ADAPT announced that the White House had betrayed the elderly and handicapped in the United States. Incidently, all White House Personel DO NOT PAY FOR HEALTH CARE. “THAT VIOLATES CIVIL RIGHTS OF ALL” Then 96 handicapped people were arrested by Capital Police who get free pensions and health care but issued citations on the spot! A few days after the meeting this spring the White House Web Site deleted any support for Community Choice Act. Now this administration can be a leader or just another guy waiting to be re-elected. This nation needs a leader, not a doormat! If you by some chance read this blog because I am advertising in Martha’s Vineyard this Week, Please remember I like your style BUT you will not get a free ride. We got you for the next 3.4 years! Do your job. This is not the OVAL OFFICE Television Show, or is it. Some of you appointments were lacking. Incidently, the office of the Vice President is paid for by the Senate. No Vice President is Deputy Commander in Chief! Therefore Mr. Chaney could not have legally given any orders to anyone except staff and neither can Mr. Biden. Just a little political info! Sincerely bigmikecraft

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