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The Health Care Issue is still full of Holes

September 20, 2009

Mr. President: Welcome to Troy N.Y. and Hudson Valley C.C., I hope your 5 minute stay is not too taxing. The issue of Health care is not going away until you, as a Harvard Lawyer and the first Lady enforce the Constitution as to rights in America. Paid for health plans have always been illegal for government workers. The ACLU should have gone to court long ago. I don’t want to hear about pay packages because unless all the citizens received something that it’s employees received it is illegal. The tax payer shall be represented by me, bigmikecraft, and that is it. You and the congress are shipping out 810 billion in premiums for the 4.5 million federal employees, to blue cross/shield, you insurance company for the Stars of the Nation, our pampered taxpayer funder employees. This violates my constitutional rights as the federal employees employer. All our elected and appointed employees (representatives) must start paying immediately by law. The congress may not have constitutionally what the citizen does not have! This includes all state and municiple employees and school teachers also. Unless you file a brief immediately to discontinue this illegal situation, I will file in the Northern Judicial District, a district that already harbors a corrupt FBI and an incompetent IRS. Incidently, I am your personal contracted agent under 26 usc 7802! It appears on all my contracts that your and every Presidents IRS has signed with me. I would like a hard copy release also. To get back to Health Care, You can not have national health care until every citizen gets exactly what its congress, senate and all governmental agencies employees get! Mr. Obama, I advertised in Martha’s Vinyard for this Blog so I hope you are marking it down as you drive past me. There will be changes soon because I will file on behalf of the citizen/taxpayers. Remember the legal facts that you were suppose to know, “Let Congress make no laws that will establish rights for one over that of another” ( that is close, I do not have a copy of the constitution with me). You are either going to go to court and remove all Federal Health Care Policies for it’s Employees or I am. I also realize that I will have to have legal help, so just understand that I will choose my motion language well and will not go alone or pro se! Every union in the Government will bitch and scream, but you, your wife, and every lawyer in the nation knows that any unconstitutional situation in any employment contract or hiring, negates the job contract. I am not going to get on to other issues now. The Federal Government is costing the private american citizen 3 to 4 trillion per year. These insurance companies are bankrupting the nation. Have you studied the basic principles of Justice for All. Your wife has no business saying a word either. How dare a former $500,000.00 per year hospital administrator take any side but real national medical care. The fact that I actually like you both is irrelivant to the Law. You are this nations chief executive, now do your duty. I will update this blog from week to week. As a governmental confidential informant, with the nations only anti-terror contract (uncompleted by the Treasury), I hyave my hands full just representing your office for a quarter of a century. Also as a former member of both the Lansky Group (Meyer) and the national NCS, I do know my way around! Talk to you soon, sincerely bigmikecraft