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This is a Three-Fore Health Care Blog!

October 2, 2009

This blog shall be very to the point! The Taxpayers ,who are not Federal Workers, are paying for the entire Federal Employee Health Care Plan. This is unconstitutional and very illegal. The public has allowed this illegal situation, in Federal Pensions that are guaranteed, and Health Care, that is paid for and guaranteed, for too long. The elected employees of the people are also benefiting from this illegal, & unconstitutional situation. The guaranteed payment of pensions, and health care ,constitutes a violation of equal protection. The constitution also forbids congress to make no laws that violate the constitution or set up a special catagory of citizen. The Game is over. As soon as I get the extra money to defend the motion, in Federal Court, in the Northern Judicial District, I shall file. There are no special federal work or contract stipulations in federal employment that is legal. It is only because I did not see it before I went broke! The law must be administered by the courts. The Both Houses of the Congress must obey the law. They also may not vote themselves any pensions or salary increases as has been going on illegally. The Federal Courts have no jurisdiction until a lawsuit (all cases are essentially lawsuits) is filed. When I file these multiple legal briefs, it will only cost $150.00 to file but 1 (one) million dollars to defend the motions to dismiss. Most of you all do not understand the court system. I will explain it to you from a professional point of view. Incidently, even though both my father and I, later, worked for the National Crime Syndicate under Meyer Lansky, My father was in the New York State Supreme Court and I clerked and proof read for him for 5 years as a teen thru college, and also have been in over 95 court appearances, hearings, and trials He paid me well with a new car and $100 per week in the 60’s. I know the law, so you all just read, and learn! When you file any Federal or State Court action, you are essentially filing your version of the situation. The clerks of the court go through the filing and charge you a fee. Then, if it is not a strict constitutional question about a law, you must have the court filing served upon the opposing party yourself. The court does not do this, the court allows you a specific amount of time to serve your papers and the opposing side will have a certain amount of time to oppose the filing. The opposition in this case will be one or more agencies of Government. In my future case, I had better have all my ducks and money in a row. The opposing agencies, which will represent all federal employees in theory, will send their free in house councils (who are also perk loving federal employees) plus their unions will send their own attorny’s against me. Now they can not win a legal constitutional question unless I am ill prepared by money and attorney power! Since all citizens, through their taxes pay for the entire government, all the perks of Governmental employment, must be shared, with all citizens. I will tell you all why the congress voted and will vote against any modern social medicine system, the answer is the 65 billion dollar fee the US Government is paying Blue Cross/shield to insure 5 (Five) Million Governmental dependants. That figure is not exact but represents $13000.00 per unit and I am not confronting the Military Medicine, which is included in the defense budget. The actual figure is higher, but I can not penetrate the true budgets. I do not want to hear any more usless protests or excebitions. All of you grow up. The people at these Town Meetings acted like Ten year olds. The answer to all citizens rights is in Court. Protesting to some poor former governmental employee or lawyer who has run for office, is stupid. Most of these people were poor before entering politics. For Petes sake, Nancy Pelosi and her husband have increased their personal wealth 20 fold, while she trades favors in congress. I have never lost a physical or legal battle, if I was funded, in my life. As soon as I get the money to defend an agencies motion to dismiss, we (me) will go to court to defend you citizens. You can reach me at