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The Congress Of The United States Does Not Understand Health Care!

November 3, 2009

The Congress of the United States is  full of nothing but inadiquate people. To say that thios or any congress is representative of its electorate is foolish! First of all most of this congress was poor until elected. Take Ms. Nancy Pelosi, for instance. She and her husband were relatively upper middle class when she was elected. They were worth about 1.5 million including their home. He had made some realestate deals after she was elected. Now the two of them are worth 100 million dollars because her husband has been selling her congressional seat. Yes, the Democrats do it the same as the Republicans. Some Americans have been using the civil service Mafia for years. Here is how it works. Please remember that I was a former member of an organized crime family, “The Lansky Group, and The NCS”, and actually know the entire mark up of a strong congressional seat. My partner owned Sam Stratten for 30 years by matching his salary. My partner was Paul A. DiCocco. As you already know, my name is bigmikecraft!. Since Ms Pelosi’s area is in the Wine Area of California, she has made a few calls to different agencies to push along certain agenda’s. In turn, her campaign coffers are never empty and her husband purchased, through option, certain land that would benefit from either her legislation or her calls to government offices. In civil service land, this is called the beltway. In the legal world it is called RICO, Knowledge Enterprise, 18usc1955 #228. For you regular folks, that is racketeering, and in aide off said crime or enterprise, with full knowledge. It is punishable at a minimum of 10 years per count. If we had an elected Attorney General, most elected in Congress would face prison. This entire former explanation leads up to Health Care and the way congress is going to continue to help insurance companies thrive and the Health Care Industry Thrive, at the expense of the private citizen. I will tell you that national free health care is everyones right. The civil servants get health care, paid for by the private citizen. When World War 2 expired, we did not care about health care because it was almost free. Government Employees got it the same as the private citizen, paid for! In the 1970’s, health care moved to about $75.00 per month, and people started to ask questions. Corporations, through their lobby stronghold got a nerd from Delaware named Senator Roth to sponsor many legislative agenda’s to make both Healtgh Care and Manditory Retirements now up to the Corporations discretion! Yes it was all passed in 5 years, with the stupid citizen thinking it was a new kind of retirement and benefits. It was not. The new laws gave the individual corporations the right to drop all coverage to its employees and only OFFER the coverage. Also the individual corporations retained the holding and management rights to qall employee contributions. For 15 years these private employees thought that they were just making premium payments toward their retirement. They all (the entire nation) was too stupid or ignorant to know that what they put in was all they werte gettin back, maybe. Some good corporations matched the IRA but most did not. When you worked for a company for 40 years, the worker thought he/she was to retire at half pay. This was the dream that the Corporate boards took away. If a worker put in $2000.00 year for 30 years they would have only $60,000.00 times one and one half with interest. That would be $150,000.00. Some stupiod people did not understand that this was it. Some Corporations would match it, some would not. Some worthless crap companies like IBM, used the employees funds to prop up their stock, putting most of the workers money into stock but not selling on the up side. When IBM started this crap pension system, their stock was worth $65.00 per share. IBM stock topped out at $201.00 per share, interday, in about 2003. This worthless Corporation did not sell one share to prop up it’s employees investment. They said that they could manage the fund any way they wanted. The stock went back to $59.00 interday in 2007-08. What I am trying to tell you is that the citizen is getting screwed again. The senior citizen will watch his/her monthly payment double in 10 years. It was originally free. The Congress passed a law that the monthly payment could be taken right out before the check arrived, plus the congress and George Bush even took the small balance of 250 billion dollars to fund Iraq. The retiree is being asked to fund the Insurance Companies now! There is going to be No National Health Care at all. those poor people who can not afford health care are being told that you must either be poor for Medicad or pay premiums to an Insurance Company, or premiums to a governmental payment insurance guarantee fund! The scam from Nancy Pelosi is that everyone will be insured. The Patients Bill Of Rights in New York State says that I must be taken care of, at any hospital emergency room, whether I can pay a bill or not. That is the Law. The Doctors have forgotten their Hypocratic Oath, and are refusing to treat Medicare patients and medicad patients because they do not get as much money in fees. These doctors are acting in a criminal way and if it is a Firm, the doctors firm is guilty of violating the RICO statuits and violation of civil rights. Where are the prosecutors. It should not have to take Meyer Lansky’sw Last Hit Man to tell you all this. Where is the citizens elected persons or the appointed law. I will tell you. They asre all getting Free Health Care paid for by the taxpayer and Free Pentions. NEXT, “The Big Health Score”