The Life And Times Of Big Mike Craft

Hello, My name is Mike Craft Sr. (bigmikecraft) and I was a member of the old Lansky Group with Meyer Lansky and Paul DiCocco Sr.. My father, the Honorable William A. Craft also worked for Meyer, as did his firm Solomon, Kirwin and Craft, official Supreme Court Stenographers and Clerks, in 1950. My father and company fixed Supreme Court Trials for the various groups around the nation, as was the times, (pre-judicial commission)! The local Democratic Party/gambling/pimp boss in Albany County, “Dan O’Connell also worked for the old combination. He was set down in 1953 after he refused to pay Meyer respects in Saratoga County Jail. Meyer was doing a lousey 90 days for operating all the Gambling in upstate and all the Casino’s. Art Kirwin fixed that one. I was not from a criminal family in the true sense. My father was a business school graduate in Stenography and my mother was an RN at Memorial Hospital and its operating room supervisor/head teacher at the nursing school! She was an immigrant from Canada. My father was also a national pistol (22. Cal.) Champion. He shot for the money in the depression times with his brother and the future Police Chief, for 25 years, Pat Tuffy. He was good and taught me everything he knew! I started  shooting at the age of 5. I was good before my nerve disease. I shake a little. It also has finished off my great golf game. I was a very good and precise shooter. My father made 12,000.00 a year in 1953 and Meyer tripled it. It was good for my father, but he could have gotten more. He and his partners fixed cases too cheaply. After all, he was the only game in the State. My father also bagged for the Rockafeller crew in the State House. He was a Republican, and Mike Solomon and Art Kirwin were Democrats. They had them (politicians) coming and going. Enough of my Dad, I just wanted the reader to know that I was not a street kid. We had two homes and a summer home in Canada with a speed boat. We belonged to a country club and ate out every nite except Sunday in the Fifty’s! In the Sixty’s I played sports and the family dinners were gone with my father spending more time at the club in the summer and out of town in the cold weather!I had a normal teenage experience except I had a little more money than the other kids. I had to be taught basketball by Dolph Schayes and the Syracuse Nationals at camp Walden, Lake George, N.Y.! It took me two years yo get going but I managed to get on the teams, but I sat the bench. I was a rated golfer, and long ball hitter, but I could never putt! I never got below a 4 handicap. Good golf and the biggest drives of the day, but you drive for show and you putt for dough! I played Varsity, and in later life even tried tin cup pro after 13 matches with the greatest golf hustler in America, Charlie Workman. Chuck hates everybody but let me play with him 13 times, and against a few PGA pro’s. We always won, because Charlie Workman was the best of his day. He just could not play in front of camera’s. He made millions on the hustle, ask Ray Floyd or Lee Travino. Jack Nichalous or Arnold Palmer could not have beaten him one on one for the kind of money Charlie Workman put up. He was a year of golf excitement that I will never forget. He was the best golfer I ever saw. Equal to Tiger Woods, but in a different era. College was a looser for me. I was accepted to Ithaca, Central, Rudgers, and Vermont, but went to little Cobleskill because I had dated a senior there in my senior year of High School. It was fun, and I still try to have dinner at SUNY Cobleskill at least once a week. I always loved it and actually have friends working there today, including my good friend Dr. Douglas Goodale PHD and enviromental energy expert! I love Coby-Rock. I am donating an Art Exhibit in my mother and fathers name, if they let me! My son also went there for 5 years and met his fiance there, and they have my granddaughter. I fell in Love with another bomb shell in 1966 at Coby. She was Susan (SAM) Davies of Skineatles Lake, N.Y. She was the best looking girl on Campus along with Pat Blor. These girls were the best of the best in 1966-67. We had a great love affair but she got pregnant and her parents took he out of school and I flunked out. She never allowed me to see her again. She called me in March of 1967 to say that she had a forced mis-carriage, but I knew it was her mother putting her in a hot tub, forcing hot mustard seeds down her throat and pushing on her stomach. Her mother was old english from Canada, just like mine. I always know! I then went to Junior College of Albany and worked for The Frat House Nite Club and Lou Trentine. I had a lot of fun in 67-68. I made the starting 5 at JCA and almost played, but Lou told me he would fire me if I missed a Fri. or Sat. I took care of the door money and I was too young to steal. I now wish I had. I worked for Lou in 2 Spots, “The Frat House”, which I bought at bank auction in 1976 and “The Royal Mouse Trap” both in Colonie N.Y.. With the rackets looming on the horizon, which I did not know, I was just having a good time. It took me a year to get over Sue Davies, and I still think of her occasionally when I am on Cobleskill’s Campus. I know where she lives, maybe I will see her before I die. She was the best. I went with many girls in my life but the best for looks and style were the first adult 2, “Christy in HS, and Sue in Cobleskill”! I married good looks, I was engaged 5 times, I had a common law wife in Canada, and my legal wife Jean was extremely good looking. She and I were oil and water but for the record, she was a much better wife for the 4 years we were together, than I a husband. Her siblings were trash, but Jean Craft tried and tried. I was so tied up with the NCS and Meyer and Paul that I was never the home body she needed. Maybe if my own father had gotten me the Liquor investigator job I wanted, I would have lived a better life! Who Knows. I know the rackets are bad for a marriage. The Seventies were a blaze. From the moment my father let me go to work with Doc Farone and Ralph Carpenter, my youth slipped away. I lugged money to Providence to Ray Patriarca Sr. and to Doc’s friends in Jersey. Meyer had told me, thru Doc, to stay out of N.Y.C.. He said that I was with Meyer and a new friend in Chicago, and not to have any connections in N.Y.C.. My friend Louie Sub’s had the Chin as his goomba, so I always had a connection, but I never needed it. I stayed out of N.Y.C. I ran my Terminal Theft ring upstate and across to Buffalo and down to Scranton-Wilkes Barre, Pa. I punished the Montgomery Ward Stores and the old Two Guys and Grand Unions to death. My main money was in theft. I did other things, including swag across the border at Newport, Vt. and I owned many Taverns and Nite Clubs. I dabbled in Bands but could not stand their crying all the time. My friend Tony Cee in Utica, N.Y. stayed in the band booking business and did well. I respect that, but I could not deal with the musicians. They are like a bunch of Whores! I built the Road House/Speakeasy in 1971-72 and sold it in 1974. Meyer Lansky put a lot of pressure on me in 73-74 to kill Fidel Castro. I finally gave in and always used Paul DiCocco Sr. as my go between. When you take contracts, you never see the contractee, even if he is your boss. In August 5th, 1974 I went to Plattsburgh, N.Y. to start to set up the Hit on Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the Prime Minister Of Canada, (Toronto Star, Jan. 3rd. 2008) in order to get his best friend Fidel Castro to a State Funeral, where I would kill him! Let me be specific, if I had not been called off in Sept. of 74, Trudeau was a dead man. I had him set up in multiple locations in his favorite city, Montreal. I would not have missed. I had jump cars in 3 directions and a safe house, (my aunts farm) set up in Sherbrooke. The reality is that even with Trudeau dead, I do not think I would have ever tagged Castro. The SAS would have been in charge of a State Funeral along with The RCMP and Provincials! There would have been 500 Castro body guards, helocopters everywhere, and I would probably have been killed or captured. The SAS are not too shabby. The luck was that My friend in Chicago got wind of it and sent me a message to come home. I was glad. I stayed in Plattsburgh for a few more days because I had an affair with Alice Mossey in August of 74. I was going to try to rekindle but I decided not to. She was a school teacher with a few kids and I decided to come home to Albany. I, of course, kept the money. Meyer was mad, but you don’t go against the commission Mr. Lansky. I took orders from the old guys, not from Meyer. Meyer was my sponsor because of my father, but I was now a made member of two groups and I did not endanger myself for Mr. Lansky. I liked Meyer, but I was in name only with him, I had other bigger obligations. I carried the Lansky Flag! That kept the Italian Mafia off my ass. I had a friend in Chicago, who I had met through Ralph Capone, and he was very powerful. He liked me because I was an only child and would never have much loyality from my crews. Therefore, I would never climb more than a small territory boss or somebodies number 2 or 3! He was right. I was always used to tote cash and paid well. The Fact that I was a member of the Lansky group was not important, I was available to others.  I the Fall of 1974 Meyer sent me $90,000.00 in small bills thru two other men. A third man I knew, asked me to kill former President Richard Nixon in San Clamente, Calif. I said I would need more money. They brought me around $50,000.00 in crumpled bills to tag a large target like Ex.-President Nixon. I took the money and immediately flew to Chicago out of Albany. I asked to see my friend Tony Brown, and was given a meeting in a warehouse. I was picked up and dropped off. I told the story of the Nixon Hit and was thanked! “Michael, we have killed enough Presidents in this century, thank you for being loyal and smart” “I will speak to Meyer, after all, I am protecting him and giving him a good living since his run, and you keep the money and open another bar”! “You are a good young man and I will not forget how you protected us all on this” “The secret service took the JFK hit because Jack was dirty, through his father” They would have never let go of this one, you saved us all” “Do not take any more of Meyers orders through Paul.” You are now free to go your own way, if you want and use the Lansky name as you wish” “The Lansky name is still good, use it, and prosper” “I know you admire Meyer and you should, but his time has ended and his quest for vengence for Havana is now too old” ” Good Luck and get out of here”! I turned a walked away and was taken back to the airport by a silent driver. Tony was the boss and I respected his wishes. I can discuss these hits gone bad because the statuit of Limitations has expired and the RICO Players with me, have died. I had a few more requests but shall keep them for later. I am the only man on this planet, who can say he had hit contracts on 5 Heads Of State. Two were called off and I personally saved Nixons Life, inorder to save my own! The secret service is not too shabby and I did not want a war with them over old news Nixon, or any other President. I will never discuss any other Capital Crimes that I might or might not have done. I have no felony record and at this writing I have many active contracts with The Treasury/IRS-CID that are being defrauded to the Government on, and to me. I shall start my action claims in September 2009. I also hold the only 211 Anti-Terrorist Contract for Information on a Terrorist cell in this World. It was signed and held down because I donated half of the 5 million dollar reward to the FDNY. The IRS-CID and ICE refused to do it, even though I signed non-perjury compliences. The State Dept. was not notified by the Treasury/IRS-CID, even though it is the law. Ms. Hillary Clinton was notified in 2004, as was Senator Shumer. Neither did a thing. The news was kept down and I have been refused to testify, even though I am the only Made Syndicate Member to have a relationship with the Treasury via contracts. The rest of this terrible situation of crimes of the IRS/FBI/Justice Dept. in the Northern Judicial District was also followed by the Troy Record. I was kept off the stand at all federal trials even though I have a legal Standing contract to give full disclosure! 


6 Comments on “The Life And Times Of Big Mike Craft”

  1. Rita Says:

    Wow! That’s some life, you’ve had. I am totally intrigued.
    Hope you’re well.



    • Thank you for your comment. I actually forgot that I set up this. Incidently, because of the trudeau affair, I am barred from canada. I spent my early life in North Hatley, Quebec, on Lake Massawippi. That was over 50 years ago. I wish you a good aqnd happy life. People are pushing me to go back because of the lack of leadership. I have MS and do not think I would be very quick now. Sincerely Big Mike Craft

  2. Rita Says:

    thanks for your reply, Mike.
    I recall North Hatley area. I used to live in Montreal and actually hung around w/ some of “those people” in when I was a crazy young kid!
    Very sorry to hear that you have MS. I hope you are managing it well and that you will have good health.
    cheers, Rita

  3. ellen Says:

    incredible…..My own husband was an informant in Albany.I actually could use some help right now if you can e-mail me. I have seen many things in Albany-schenectady over the years. The best to you.

    • If your husband was an informant, in Albany, N.Y., you would have to tell me who or what agency he worked for. I have been on international press and am the “ONLY” made member of any organized crime organization to live in upstate N.Y.! If you wish to email me at I will be glad to talk to you. Please remember that I look at things differently. Your husband could be working with any one of 50 agencies. They won’t work with me because I demand to be paid and I am going after the IRS/Treasury for fraud. You are welcome to email anytime! Sincerely Mike C.

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