The Obama Health Care Proposals are Socially Off Track

I have had the privalige of living in two countries as a youth, (pre-14) and I have some experience in Socialized Medicine and National Care. I lived in Canada for 4 months of every year as a youth. You must be told that I was overly mature with an off the chart IQ, so don’t any off the readers think you know a thing compared to a high IQ young person! The system in Canada was a straight National Health Care Plan. Everyone gets the same, no matter who you are. Specialists are available just like in the United States at a $10 surcharge, (at the time) and your operations were scheduled the same as in the States. All medicine is dispensed under wage and price control, which is necessary to control all costs. That is why medicine is cheaper in Canada than in the USA. The Canadians pay through their income tax and provincial tax(state tax) and a small monthly premium. Everyone gets the same! If you are the Prime Minister, you get the same treatment as the farmer or local city worker. What has happened here, is that you fools can not understand that public servants get almost free health care and free pensions and the public who pays them gets nothing. The Federal Employee Program is known as The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Government-Wide Service Benefit Plan, also known as the Federal Employee Program (FEP) and has been part of the Federal Employees  Health Benefits Program (FEHEP) since its inception in 1960. FEP covers over 4.5 million federal employees, retirees, and their families out of nearly 8 million people (contract holders, as well as their dependents), or about 57 per cent of those receiving their benefits through FEHBP. BCBSA works with the Office of Personal Management to administer the Service Benefit Plan on behalf  of the 39 independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Companies. In other words the entire Federal Worker Health Plan is unconstitutional because we all do not get it. The Constitution is clear, “Let Congress make no laws or arrangements that set up special circumstances for any citizen, over any other citizen” (That is not a direct quote, but close, I don’t have a Constitutional Index at this writing, but had civics in High School)! All Federal and State Employees who are receiving paid for health plans are receiving them illegally. All Federal and State Employees who are receiving paid for pension plans are receiving them illegally. That is a Legal Fact, and I do not have the money to file a motion to set aside all health care and free pensions in civil service jobs, in the Federal Court. The fact is, with all the  ACLU Lawyers and civil activests in this nation, “why does it take a made-general member of the National Crime Syndicate, and the old Lansky Group (combination) to tell you. Why does it take a registered federal informant with a high IQ to tell the citizens of this nation that your civil liberties are being violated by those who you elect. Any one can go to Federal Court and file a law suit for $144.00 and serve the papers to the Justice Dept. or any Agency that you wish to challange. Every single administration has VIOLATED the rights of the general population and it only your distinct luck to have me so pissed off because the IRS-CID owes me so much money, that I have decided to speak. I was responcible for taking care of my aged Mom until she passed away in 2007 at the age of 96. It was my responcibility to love her and take care of her, in her home. She was walking until the last day. I could not fight for all our rights because it might have affected her health. My son was in College from 1998 to 2006 and I did not want him to be ashamed of his gangster father, in front of his friends. I used “Modular Home Dealer” as my front. I had used it before. Now this nation has a minority man of Color as our President. I voted for him as a registered Democrat and non-felon! I actually like his style, but as a man of the people, as he claims, I will not allow Federal and State Employees to get more than those who pay their salaries. Also, the infusion of overtime in public pension funds for benefits, is in violation of federal law. Overtime is a good thing and must be paid, but there are police and firefighters in small towns sleeping through 80 hours a week(which you can’t physically work by law) In Schenectady, N.Y. ,where there are only 60,000 people, some of their no-rank patrolmen are pulling down $162,000.00 per year with overtime and expect to collect 60% on retirement. The longevity raises are in violation of constitutional law also. I will get into that one tomorrow. —The fact that the tax payer is subsidizing all the Federal and State, along with Teachers Health Care Systems, is why it is so expensive. The Federal Employee gets automatic Dental and full perscriptions. Why would any private insurance company ever have not raised its rates from $10.00 a month in 1960 to over $1000.00 per month in New York State. The taxpayer is picking up the tab thru the criminal actions of the legislatures, who use these civil servants as their own personal re-election workers. I was a wise guy and surrendered in 1987. I was not wanted for murder, even though Meyer Lansky had asked me to Hit Trudeau of Canada, Castro of Cuba, and Ex-President Nixon of California. Yes, I was a reputed dangerous man and just wanted to keep my son in a dirty divorce. I surrendered with the help of undercover agents from Las Vegas. I wanted money and got screwed. You all are now the beneficiary of that anger. I, with money can go to court tomorrow. Anyone can file, but not anyone can defend. Ask Barack Obama or Michelle Obama, they are Harvard Lawyers. I, with out a lot a resourses, can not defend my motions to proceed or the opposition motions to dismiss my case. It takes roughly $250,000 to defend against any Agency. They get their lawyers for free. Many of you reading this Blog  from Martha’s Vineyard to New York, to D.C., will say I am anti-civil service. I am not! We need good public servants but it got out of hand after Reagan. Overtime is not part of a pension, it is per-diem(daily pay differential) There is no private Company that ever included overtime per-diem in a pension. It would destroy them. That is another News Blog tomorrow. For the Legal record,  I will serve Joe Biden, (since I can) because he is an employee of the Senate not the executive branch, for informational purposes on the elimination of all paid Senate Health Care and Ms. Pelosi on the Congressional Health Care.  The issuance of National Health Care is essential to America, but to have these 100% coverages you must close the immigration door. In Canada, the people must now pay about $100 per month for their coverage. It use to be free until more and more immigrants were allowed in. A nation can not have a possitive forward agenda unless it has a controlled population. Your census people will again lie to the population and Congress. The population of this nation is close to 375 million and we are going broke because immigrants want services and don’t pay taxes, which they find out are volintary. Don’t say a word, I am the only syndicate former member, who is an IRS-CID Informant and expert witness ,and made millions and never paid taxes. The Service is responcible for me because they signed a contract on my surrender, and refused to use me because I would not rat my friends. I am the anti-informant. I agreed to do corporate tax cases that I would originate. I am assigned legally through the powers of the Presidency under 26usc7802. Why it is under Presidential control, I do not know, but it is. I am a 41 years in the rackets expert, who retired and has nerve and muscle problems along with being in forclosure due to IRS-CID, FBI-Justice Dept. Fraud.  National Health Care is a must, but it must be for all the people, all the time, with wage and price control. The prices of medicine are actually controllable via the national security act. Medicine, food, and gas, are all vital to the American way of life. The right of born american citizens to be protected from illegal aliens is their right also. I will write a new ledger Post in this News Blog later in the Day. Saratoga is running and OTB is calling. I do like to bet 2 triples a day during the Historic Saratoga Flat Track Season. I shall discuss where to pay for all this, which is already being paid for by the private citizen, who gets nothing, later. Remember, If  Public  Servants get Health Care, every citizen must get health care via the same venue. Also, Mr Obama, you will have to use your executive powers to control costs. Its a no-brainer! LOOK across the border to Canada and write down their Drug Prices. Also all operations and all Doctors Fees must be nationalized. Tell the Doctors to shut up! They took an oath to heal and that is that. No nation in the world allows some Doctor to make more than a living wage. All Doctors must get the same. Mr. Obama, I like you, but you will be forced to follow the constitution legally! Sincerely bigmikecraft, editor  


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